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  • Healthy Recipe For Healthy Breaded Turkey Cutlets

    Last year I went to Italy with my hubby, it was the vacation of a lifetime.  For me it was all about the FOOD.  Being that I am a foodie, I couldn't help but think of food every moment we were there.  We ate so much and I totally enjoyed taking pictures of everything we ate.  It was the best. 

    Anyhow, I came back and tried to recreate some of the yummy food we ate there but make them healthy.  Todays recipe is one of those.  Everywhere we went in Tuscany had some sort of chicken, veal or meat...... breaded and with arugula, tomatoes and balsamic glaze.  It was spectacular.

    I am excited to let you know that there is a great product that you can use to create a crust or breading.  Its almond meal and it is absolutely fabulous!

    This is great for breading and baking.  You have to try it.  And all it is, is ground almonds, which are so good for you.  Check out why... And by the way, check out My recipe for Thai Turkey Meaballs, with toasted sliced almonds on top.  Delicious and healthy recipe that uses almonds.  Its on My Pinterest Board, make sure you are following it.

    Health Benefits Of Almonds

    • Great for the skin.
    • High in Folic Acid, which helps reduce birth defects during pregnancy.
    • Helps reduce risk of heart disease.
    • Lowers cholesterol.
    • Its potassium content helps regulate blood pressure.
    • They are good fat and help you feel full.

    By the way, check out what people are saying on My Facebook Page about my recipes.  I hope this motivates you to get cookin' girl.....

    This turkey recipe would be delicious with my Lemony Lentil-Rice Salad with Toasted Walnuts from My Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipes Book.  That is like one of my favorite side dishes ever.  Its divine!

    Almond Breaded Turkey Cutlets


    1 lb thin turkey cutlets (or you can use chicken)

    1/4 cup Dijon mustard

    1/2 cup or more almond meal

    1 tbsp italian seasoning

    s&p to taste

    3 cups arugula

    balsamic glaze to taste


    Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.  Meanwhile, coat the turkey with the mustard.  In a shallow bowl, mix the almond meal, seasoning and salt and pepper.  Mix well and dredge the cutlets on both sides in the mixture.  Sear in a skillet until golden, and transfer to a lined baking sheet.  Bake for 5 minutes or until done.  To serve, put on a plate, put some arugula on top and drizzle with balsamic glaze.

    I love Italian Food, what about you?  Do you make any "healthy" Italian Dishes?  Let me know here in the comments or go to My Facebook Page and let me know.  Also, if you have any REQUESTS for meals or recipes you would like to see FIT MADE-OVER, let me know.

  • Healthy Recipe For Tomato Shrimp Skillet

    I love quick and easy dinners and thats why I love to cook shrimp.  You can roast it in 6 minutes and cook it on the stove in 5, its the best.  Last week I posted a picture of this dinner I had on My Facebook Page and over 50 people said they wanted the recipe.  So since I always deliver when you ASK, I have the recipe for you today.

    Check out what people are saying about my recipes:

    This healthy recipe is super quick and easy to make and its also delicious.  And I love that there are so many health benefits to shrimp, here are a few.

    Health Benefits of Shrimp

    • High in Protein
    • High in Iron which helps with Energy and Vitality
    • Rich in Vitamin B12
    • Rich in Omega 3's and can help prevent Depression
    • Helps skin, hair and nails

    I think you are really going to love this recipe.  I find that people are really starting to enjoy eating shrimp.   A few weeks ago I posted a recipe for a Shrimp, Tomato and Feta Dish on My Pinterest Board and it got REPINNED a ton.  I got tons of great feedback on it.  By the way, you know I love to hear from you, so if you try any of  my recipes, please let me know on My Facebook Page. And if you have a special request for a recipe, shake, workout or exercise, I'd love to know.

    Ok, now here is the recipe, I hope you try it.  By the way, you have to try My Fresh Shrimp And Calamari Orzo Salad from My Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipes Book, it is absolutely SPECTACULAR.  If you entertained with this you would be famous.

    Tomato Shrimp Skillet


    2 lbs shrimp, peeled and deveined

    1 15 ounce can diced tomatoes

    3 garlic cloves, minced

    2 shallots, minced

    1 cup white wine

    pinch saffron

    1/4 cup fresh basil, chopped

    juice and zest of 1 lemon


    In a skillet with a little stock, cook the garlic and shallots until done.  Add the wine and deglaze the pan and let wine reduce.  Add in the tomatoes and a little stock and let simmer with the saffron for a few minutes.  Add in the shrimp and let them cook in the sauce for about 5 minutes.  Add in the zest and juice of lemon and sprinkle the basil.

    Oh baby, you are going to love this dish.  Its such a healthy, fresh and delicious dinner and its done in minutes.  I bet this becomes one of your favorites.  Ok, now go try this out tonight and go back to My Facebook and tell me what you think.

  • Healthy Recipes For Mini Quinoa Pizza's

    The only way I have been able to "eat healthy" for over 15 years and still get results is by enjoying what I eat.  And a big part of that is changing it up and eating different foods all the time.  That is part of the reason why I INVEST the time into cooking and finding healthy and yummy ways to enjoy food.  By the way, you can get tons of my healthy recipes on My Pinterest Board.  There is an entire board with tons of yummy and healthy recipes that you will love.  Make sure to "FOLLOW" the boards so that you dont miss any of my new recipes.

    And God knows that I hate eating brown rice every single day.  So, today I have an awesome healthy recipe for you.  Yes, Pizza!  Well....... no not really pizza, but the flavors taste like pizza

    What I love about this healthy recipe is that its great mid week when you may have some leftover quinoa or make extra quinoa earlier in the week so you can use leftovers for this yummy recipe

    And by the way, quinoa is so good for you.  Check out why.  Oh, and don't think I dont have brown rice, but when I do I love to have my Meditarranean Brown Rice Salad from My Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipes Book.  Its easy, fresh, delicious and NOT BORRING AND BLAND.

    Health Benefits of Quinoa

    • Its a complete protein in contains all 9 essential amino acids.
    • Rich in fiber and its slow digesting and low glycemic.
    • Has Detoxifying properties like B vitamin and folate which help the liver get rid of waste.
    • High in potassium, magnesium and zinc which are good for heart, nerve and muscle function.

    I am so excited to share this recipe with you because I think you are going to fall in love with it and make it all the time. Becaue it really does taste like pizza and who doesn't love pizza?

    You probably also have all the ingredients handy all the time.

    Healthy Recipe For Mini Quinoa Pizza's


    1 cup cooked quinoa

    1 whole egg, 2 egg whites

    1/2 chopped onion

    1/2 cup low fat mozzarella shredded cheese

    1/2 tsp each garlic powder 

    1 1/2 tsp each paprika and oregano

    1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes chopped

    s&p to taste

    1/2 cup fresh basil chopped

    organic marinara sauce for dipping


    Mix all ingredients in a bowl.  Lightly spray a muffin pan and pour mixture in and press down with the back of a spoon.  Bake in oven for 25 minutes.

    I ate this with just a baked piece of chicken with wholy guacamole on top and some roasted vegetables and it was one yummy meal.  See this is why I can continue to eat healthy, because I truly enjoy it and don't feel deprived.  Actually, i feel quite happy and complacent

    So, my hope is that you invest just a little bit of time into trying some of these recipes and you will see how it will help your weight loss.  Make sure you stay connected on My Facebook page so you can get all my updates including fat loss workouts, healthy recipes, exercise videos and more.  And if you have any requests for a recipe, meal or workout you would like me to do, just go on My Facebook and let me know.

    P.S.  Did you try Mondays ABS & Cardio Workout?  OMG, you are going to love it.  Talk about a workout that will get you results.  Get it here and make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel to get FREE access to all my workouts and exercise videos.


  • Healthy Recipe For "Greens" Fried Rice

    Today I was talking to one of my awesome clients about eating Chinese food. Yuk!

    I mean not because it tastes bad but because they cook with so much salt and oil that you wake up the next day looking like a balloon and then you have a bad day.

    This doesn't mean you can't have Chinese Food, but instead of eating out, eat it in!

    Here is how!  I actually love Chinese, Thai and Japanese food so I am always trying to come up with healthy ways to make them.

    I love that I can pretty much eat whatever I want or crave if I make it at home and I can control the quality of the ingredients and then enjoy it GUILT-FREE.

    Controlling the quality of food you eat and the kinds of foods you eat can make a huge impact on  your WEIGHT LOSS.  

    After almost 18 years in the fitness and health industry, I have found that most people don't have so much of a problem with the quantity of food.  On the contrary, most people are eating way too little calories (calorie deprivation) in an attempt to "DIET".  

    So then, why aren't people losing more weight?

    The answer is pretty much always the same.  They are eating too little, but the wrong foods.  

    There are some foods that are just DETRIMENTAL to your weight loss, muscle gain and results.  

    The digestive track is one of the biggest and most important processes of the body.  And if digestion is off, it can completely prevent you from LOSING WEIGHT and BURNING FAT.  

    So how do you prevent yourself from having your digestion be off?

    Easy........ Don't eat foods that are INFLAMMATORY.  

    Too much inflammation in the digestive system doesn't allow you to burn fat and lose weight.  That means that even if you are eating only 500 calories a day and exercising 7 days a week but you are consuming some of these "inflammatory" foods, its possible that you don't lose ONE OUNCE of fat.

    Pretty crazy huh?

    I know, its insane, but true.

    And when I finally understood this, and took out of my diet and my clients diets all those foods that cause inflammation, it was soooooo much easier to lose weight.

    So before I give you this awesome recipe, I want to make sure that you take these INFLAMMATORY FOODS out of you diet.  There are 5 foods you should take out of your diet that will make a huge difference.

    Seriously, when I take these foods out of my clients diets, its like the drop 10 lbs in like a week or two.  They totally de-bloat.  It's crazy.

    What I'm going to do for you is give you a list of the foods in a nice PDF so that you can print it and keep it in your kitchen as a reminder.  I also went ahead and gave you 5 foods that you MUST include in  your diet if you wan tot maximize your results.  I figured, if I'm giving you what you CAN'T eat, I better give you what you CAN eat.  It's all right here in this PDF for you.  

    If you take these out of your diet, I promise, you will definitely see a change.  I did! I actually saw a huge change in my body, and I was already pretty lean before that.

    I finally saw ABS the way I never saw them before.  But I also started doing some amazing ABS EXERCISES.  So I want to show you what those exercises are.  So I made like a 30 seconds video of those exercises for you.  You can get all of this, the PDF and the short video here.

    Once you go to the link to get access to all of this (which by the way is totally free), you will also receive a few emails from me for a few days.  Make sure you open and read them.  I have taken a lot of time to give you plenty of tips and tricks and strategies to help you get rid of these foods and make better options.  There's a ton of golden nuggets in those emails that will really help you lose weight and get more toned.  

    Ok, now I am so excited about this recipe because it has a ton of green veggies in it which is great.

    This was also super easy to make because I just used a bunch of left over veggies I had and actually used left over jasmine rice I had prepared the day before.  So this dish took me about 10 minutes to make. YEAH!  

    All you have to do is add chicken, tofu, turkey or steak to this and you have one delicious meal.  As you can see in the picture below, I served this up with some delicious Asian Turkey Meatballs and it was a delicious meal.  So good, even my 2 year old devoured a whole bowl full of it.

    I really hope you are trying all these recipes.  It can really help you get better results by being able to stick to your healthy eating plan longer and being more consistent.  All these meals can help you speed metabolism and burn more fat.  And people are loving them.  Check out what this woman said.... Love that you guys are posting these pictures and comments on My Facebook Page.  Please continue to do so and make sure you have LIKED the page so that you can have all these recipes available to you.



    I had roasted some asparagus the day before and I had a ton left over so I used them for this Greens Fried Rice.  Did you know that asparagus are really good for you?

    Here are a few benefits.

    Health Benefits of Asparagus:

    • Good source of folate, fiber and Vitamins A, C, E, and K
    • Great source of Glutatione which is a detoxifying compound that helps break down carcinogens and free radicals, this is why they say asparagus is so good to help Cancer and other diseases.
    • Packed with antioxidants and famous for its ability to neutralize cell damaging free radicals, it helps the aging process...woohooo

    This should be reason enough to make this.  Aside from that it is so tasty.

    This could be really yummy with this super easy and tasty CHICKEN RECIPE or with this insanely good THAI TURKEY MEATBALLS, my mouth is watering jus thinking of them.  

    Make sure to find me on YouTube, there's tons of great HEALTHY RECIPES there as well as WORKOUT VIDEOS, EXERCISES and so much really great stuff that can help you.

    Healthy Recipe For Greens Fried Rice


    2 cups of jasmine or brown rice (I used left overs)

    1 1/2 cups chopped asparagus, grilled, roasted, steamed (I used left overs)

    1 cup shelled edamame

    1/2 cup scallions

    3 egg whites, scrambled

    1 tbsp black sesame seeds

    2-3 tbsp balsamic vinegar


    Cook the rice as directed.  Unless you have left overs.  In a wok or deep skillet with a little stock, mix in all the vegetables and cook for a few minutes.  Add in the cooked rice, egg whites, scallions, sesame seeds and vinegar and fold in well.

    You are going to love this recipe.  I pretty much make it all the time because its a good way to get my kids to eat more veggies and there's extra protein in the rice because of the egg whites.  It's just a win-win.

    I love that my kids love to eat healthy.  I really credit that to my BeFit Moms Meal Plans.  I have been following them myself with my family since my son was born and it has been amazing.  It's so great to always have a plan of what to eat.  To always have my shopping lists ready, I don't even have to think about it, worry about it, nor take the time to make them every week.  

    It saves me time, and actually money too because I really just stick to the list.  

    In turn, my kids and hubby eat super healthy.  I cook every day and it only takes about 30 minutes and I have been able to get leaner than ever.  All my BeFit Moms say the same thing too.

    Its so great to hear that the hubby's and kiddos like the meals too.  It feels so much better to know your family is getting healthier too. Not just you eating your "diet food" and then feeding them the "crap".

    If you want to try them out, I think you will fall in love like I did and like all my BeFit Moms do.  


    Here is the link to try them:  BeFit Moms Meal Plan

    Seriously, this recipe is so good.  By the way if you want the healthy recipe for the Walnut Chicken my Facebook fan was talking about, you can find it on My Pinterest Board.  OMG, if you are not following them yet, go there now, so you can see all the healthy recipes, workouts, exercise videos and more.  You are going to love them.

  • A 6-Minute Healthy Recipe For Dinner

    Ha ha, I know you opened this because you were like....... 6 minutes for dinner...... YEAH RIGHT!

    Well, almost...........  SHRIMP takes 6 minutes to roast in the oven and they come out juicy and delicious.  I love having shrimp on a week night when I am in a hurry.

    As women, we multi-task because for most of us, we juggle a million things daily so you are going to enjoy this healthy recipe because you can put it together quickly and you can get stuff done around the house while its cooking.  Don't you love that?

    And Shrimp is good for you amidst its bad reputation for high cholesterol.

    One of my favorite shrimp dishes is from My Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipes Book, its Shrimp Mint and Basil Pesto and Shrimp and Avocado Ceviche, oh and can't leave out the Sesame-Ginger Shrimp, that one is soooo good.  Yummmyyyy.

    Benefits of Shrimp:

    High in :

    • Protein: help build lean and toned muscle
    • Vitamin D: along with benefits like preventing high blood pressure and increasing immune function and helping absorb vitamin C, it may also help increase TESTOSTERONE so that you can build more lean muscle.
    • Vitamin B3: helps reduce bad cholesterol, good for brain function, circulation, memory power and digestion.
    • Zinc: helps immune function, increase fertility, prevents cancer and a huge one that you may not know, it helps the release of some hormones that help you gain more lean muscle.
    • Omega-3: decreases inflammation
    • Selenium: people who consume this less chance of cancer and helps boost immense system

    There is another great healthy recipe for Shrimp on My Pinterest Boards, its a delicious and super refreshing Fruity Quinoa Salad with veggies and shrimp.  You have to try it.  If you are NOT FOLLOWING:  My Pinterest Boards, make sure you go there now and then click "FOLLOW". This way you can get all my healthy recipes.

    Ok now before I give you this delicious recipe that you can make in minutes, I want you to check out this weeks Fat Burning Workout.  If you are reading this post its because you like things that take very little time because you are BUSY.  So if you are, you will LOVE this super QUICK FAT BURNING WORKOUT that is on My YouTube Channel.  

    By the way, thanks for all the COMMENTS lately on My YouTube Channel.  I love interacting with you girls and hearing your questions.  Got lots of questions on the Tone The Thighs Workout.

    Roasted Tomatoes & Shrimp


    4 large tomatoes, cut in large chunks

    3 garlic cloves, chopped

    1/2 cup parsley, chopped

    2 lbs shrimp, peeled and deveined

    2 lemons, juiced

    S&P to taste

    1/4 cup feta crumbles


    Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees.  Place the tomatoes and garlic in a baking dish with a little stock and roast for about 20 minutes.  Take the dish out and place the shrimp on there with the juice of the 2 lemons, the parsley and salt and pepper to taste.  Sprinkle the top with feta and place in oven for another 6 minutes or so.

    Oh, I am so excited for you to try this dish.  It really takes minutes to make and it is simply divine.  Put it over some brown rice and you can even throw some asparagus in the oven while the shrimp is baking (I did) and you can have this with roasted asparagus (I sprinkled some pine nuts on top).  It was a great healthy dinner and super quick to make and easy clean up.  Gotta love it!

    If you think this is easy and sounds good, please SHARE this by clicking on one of the SHARE buttons above.

    And stay tuned for tomorrows healthy recipe for a yummy protein smoothie on My Facebook Page.  By the way, I post all my healthy recipes, fat burning workouts and exercise videos on My Facebook Page weekly, so if you are not on there, make sure you LIKE the page and check in every day to see what goodies you will find.

  • A Yummy Healthy Chicken Recipe

    I don't understand why people go to the grocery store 3 and 4 times a week.  Truthfully, I don't have time for that.  I also don't have the patience to think about what to cook every night or have to think of a healthy option of something to pick up.  Ugh......  You mean get in my car and go out to pick up food, yuk!

    That is why I make a meal plan for the whole week.  Yes, I have been telling you to do this for years, and I do so because it makes a huge difference.  It will save you TIME (which we could all use), and FRUSTRATION.  Its also really fun to be able to pick out what you want to eat every single day.

    I love that I only have to go to the grocery store once a week.  I also love that I can eat a variety of foods all week.  I always make sure that in my week I have some chicken, fish, turkey, and lots of veggies, beans and grains.  But ohhhhh, the CHICKEN BLUES!  So many people get TIRED of eating chicken.  Not ME!  But that's because I enjoy it all different ways.  One of my FAVORITES is My Raspberry Balsamic Chicken from My Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipe Book.  Its DIVINE!

    I get tons of emails and comments on My Facebook Page with people asking for more heatlhy chicken recipes.  Trust me, I know how boring it can get to eat eat grilled chicken all the time.  That is why I am giving you this delicious, easy and healthy chicken recipe.  You are going to love it.

    Serve this up with my delicious Summery Crunchy Cucumber Salad and a little brown rice and you've got one delicious and easy meal.  Did you not get this recipe?  If you didn't get it that means you are probably NOT following My Pinboards on Pinterest.  If you are not, you better go there NOW (My Pinterest Boards) and follow them all.  I "pin" all my healthy recipes on there and TRUST ME, you don't want to miss one!

    Smokey Coconut Chicken


    • Zest of 1 lime
    • 2 tsp cumin
    • 2 tsp coriander
    • 2 tbsp Coconut Aminos, Aminos or Low Sodium Soy Sauce
    • 1 Stevia
    • 1/3 cup Cilantro, chopped
    • 1/2 cup coconut milk
    • 2 lbs chicken breast, cutlets


    Place all ingredients in a zip lock bag except the cilantro.  Let sit in the refirgerator for at least an hour.  Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees take the chicken out of the bag (reserve marinade) and bake the chicken for 20 minutes or until done.  Five mintues before the chicken is done, place the reserved marinade in a small saucepan and boil.  To serve, place the chicken on a dish, pour the marinade over it and sprinkle with fresh cilantro.

    This is a great change up to plain and boring ol' grilled chicken. So I hope you try it.

    What is YOUR FAVORITE chicken recipe?  Let me know in the comments.

    Remember, in order to SPEED METABOLISM and BURN CALORIES all day long, you have to eat a small and healthy meal every 3-4 hours. 

    You know what will be great after this yummy chicken meal?  My PROTEIN OATMEAL NUTELLA CAKE.

    Did you get the recipe yesterday?  If you didn't, its because you are probably not on My Facebook Fan Page, so make sure to go there now and LIKE it so that you can get all my HEALTHY RECIPES AND WORKOUTS.

  • Healthy Recipe For Crunchy Mung Greens Salad

     I have to admit that I dont really LOVE SALADS.  I mean, I do like to order salads for lunch sometimes when I am out, but truthfully when I eat a salad, I'm hungry within an hour....  well, RAVENOUS actually!  So needless to say, I don't make salads at home....... that's why on My Pinterest Boards for Healthy Recipes that are Fat Burning, you will find NO salads, but definitley find great recipes for delicious, healthy and filling meals.

    So this is a huge thing for me that I am posting a SALAD RECIPE.  And the only reason I am doing so is because I got the inspiration from this on a website I found and I played around with it because I wanted to finally try MUNG BEAN SPROUTS.  And the outcome was SURPRISINGLY DELICIOUS.  So I have to share it.  If this sounds just as YUMMY to you as to me, then go ahead and SHARE it.  I share all my healthy recipes and workout on My Facebook Page so that I can help women just like you get FIT, FABULOUS and enjoy being HEALTHY.  So help me share the goods.

    Here are some BENEFITS of Mung Bean Sprouts:

    • High in Vitamin C
    • High in Potassium
    • High in Folic Acid
    • Low in Calories
    • High in Water content 

    You have got to try this crunchy, fresh, filling and easy to make salad.

    Crunchy Mung Greens Salad


    4 cups arugula, chopped

    2 cups baby spinach

    1/2 cup celery, chopped

    1/2 cup scallions, chopped

    1 cup mung bean sprouts

    1/2 cup sliced almonds, toasted

    1 avocado, sliced


    1 cup plain greek yogurt

    juice of 1/2 lemon

    dash salt

    2 tbsp EVOO 


    In a small bowl, combine all the dressing ingredients and set aside.  In a large bowl combine the rest of the ingredients except the avocado.  To serve, place the salad with a few slices of avocado and a dollop of the dressing.

    I ate this salad for a few days because I made so much, but I really enjoyed it.  I had it with fish one night, chicken another and with some tuna for lunch on another day.  It was really delicious. I hope you give it a shot like I did.

    If you do try it, make sure to go back to My Facebook Page and let me know what you thought.  I would also love to hear some of your ideas.  What would you add to this salad or take away to make it even yummier?

    This is a delicious and refreshing salad to have after a good morning workout.  I know how pressed for time us women are these days and how busy life gets so if you can scrounge up just 20 minutes, then you have to try some of my Fat Burning & Muscle Toning Workouts on My YouTube Channel

  • Summery Crunchy Cucumber Salad

    I don't know about you but in the hot summer months, I get in the mood for summery, cold, crunchy and refreshing healthy meals.  So I try not to roast so much and try to make cold and yummy salads like the one I have for you today.   Actually one of my favorite cold salads is my Fresh Garbanzo Salad from my Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipes Book.  I even make it to entertain and people love it.  Its fresh, a little sweet, a little smoky and its got greens, reds, and its SIMPLY (cuz its so easy to make) DIVINE.  

    I am so excited that My Organic Corner now is selling my Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipes Book.  I have been getting such great feedback about it and all the recipes people are making from it.  Keep on posting your feedback, I love it.

    The inspiration came from a recipe that I found online from a blogger called Kelsies Kitchen.  She made such a big fuss about this recipe on her blog that I had to try it.  So of course as you know my passion is making over recipes, that is what I did.  And man oh man is it a phenomenal salad.  

    I actually let it sit in the fridge for over 5 days and believe it or not, it was still good, and even still crunchy.  

    FYI, here are some Cucumber Health Benefits:

    • They are relatively high in fiber.
    • One small cup provides a small dose of nearly all essential vitamins and nutrients.
    • One serving of cucumbers will give you vitamins A, C, K, B6, folate and thiamin. Aside from salt, all minerals are present and accounted for in one cup of cucumbers, including; calcium, iron, manganese, selenium, zinc and potassium.
    • Their high water content content helps the body get rid of toxins.
    • The high amount of Vitamin K found in 1 cup of cucumbers helps build bone strength and decrease the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis.
    • They are extremely low in calories and 0 g of fat or sodium.  Only 16 calories in 1 cup.

    Part of being healthy and fit is incorporating all types of foods in your diet.  So stop eating the same old boring foods and start experimenting with new foods and ingredients.  Try going to your local farmers markets and trying what is in season.

    Try this healthy recipe made with cucumbers, and play around with it. Just make sure to come back to my blog or My Facebook Page and SHARE with us your new revamped recipe.  I love to hear your ideas.

    Healthy Recipe For Summery Crunchy Cucumber Salad


    2 English cucumbers, sliced thin
    1 medium tomato diced
    1/2 medium onion diced
    Sprinkle of salt

    1/4 cup white wine vinegar vinegar
    2 tbsp EVOO
    1/2 Tbsp Agave
    1 tsp dried basil
    1 tsp ground mustard
    1 tsp garlic powder
    1 tsp dried oregano

    Put sliced cucumbers in a strainer and toss with some salt. Let stand for a few minutes to draw liquid out. This can be done in the fridge.  Meanwhile, in a large bowl, whisk the dressing ingredients.  Then add the tomatoes and onions and at the end the cucumbers and fold well until dressing is spread evenly through the vegetables.
    In a large bowl, combine tomatoes and onions.

    I was looking at My Pinterest Boards and in My Healthy Recipes That Are Fat Burning Board, the top 3 most REPINNED healthy recipes are Spinach Turkey Meatballs, Spanish Chicken, and Walnut Chicken.  If you are still not following my Pinterest Boards, make sure to click on the links now and just click FOLLOW so that you can get all my Healthy Recipes & also My Fat Burning & Muscle Toning Workouts.  You will love them all.

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  • Healthy Ground Turkey Recipes - Healthy Comfort Turkey Bowl

    Healthy Ground Turkey Recipes- Healthy Comfort Turkey Bowl 

    Even in the summer months here in South Florida, sometimes its gloomy and rainy and all I feel like is COMFORT.  What I really feel like doing is getting under the covers with a good cup of coffee and some chocolate chip cookies and sleep all day. LOL

    But since I can't and shouldn't do any of those, I settle for a good ol' bowl of comfort (in a healthy way).

    How about this for comfort?

    There is nothing more comforting than a good bowl of soup or stew, so when I am feeling this way I make a delicious yet healthy meal like the one I am going to give you today.

    By the way, I made this with a side of Herb Barley, thats what you see in the background in the picture above.  Oh, it was divine.

    You can also serve this with some quinoa or brown rice if you want to keep it gluten-free.  I was experimenting with barley which I never use so wanted to give it a shot.

    I have tons of healthy recipes for grains and legumes so if you want to try some quinoa recipes or rice recipes, go to My Pinterest Boards.  You will find all kinds of recipes there.  And workouts too!  You name it, you will find it there all organized to make your life easier so make sure to go there now and hit FOLLOW ALL so you can have easy access to it and never miss when I post a new one.

    You know I normally tell you not to get used to having "dessert" or something "sweet" after a meal.  But on days like this, you know what would be really good?  My Coconut-Chip Gluten-Free Cake.  

    And this is what is really great about learning to be moderate with your nutrition and enjoying eating healthy by investing some time in the kitchen.

    I love knowing that no matter what kind of mood I am in or what kind of day it is, there is always a way to make a healthy meal taste amazing.  And my dear friend, when you learn that, you will get amazing results and you will be able to maintain them.

    If you have been trying to eat healthy and exercise more, but you haven't been seeing good results.  It may be because you are eating the wrong foods.

    There are some foods that are super inflammatory and if you eat them, no matter how little calories you eat or how much you exercise,you will not be able to burn fat or lose weight.

    The reason is simple.

    When you eat foods that are inflammatory, it creates inflammation in your digestive track which basically makes it impossible for you to burn fat and lose weight.

    This is so important and makes such a huge impact on your results that I decided to compile these foods into a PDF for you.  

    So go to the following link where you can download this information for free.  I also added a list of 5 Foods that are NECESSARY for you to include in your diet if you want to LOSE WEIGHT and GET TONED.  Foods that you should eat daily!

    I also took the liberty to share with you a short video of my favorite 5 ABS EXERCISES.  The ones that have gotten me ABS after having 2 kids (daughter is 15 months) and I never had them before.  Here is the link so you can download the PDF and get the VIDEO.  Start applying it right now.  Take those 5 foods out of your KITCHEN immediately!  LINK TO PDF & VIDEO

    Taking these foods out of my diet was the one thing I did that gave me the best results.  I now, after 2 kids actually have ABS and am in the best shape of my life.  I mean, I have been in good shape for a long time now, but ABS defined like this..... never.  I had bloat because I was eating so many of these foods and it didn't allow me to see the results.

    Check me out with my 15 month old.


    I can't believe that after having 2 kids it is easier to be in better shape.

    I think its because I have no time to waste.  I am so busy that if I don't schedule my workouts, cooking time, eating time, etc, I would get nothing done.

    It can be easy, my friend.

    If you have a plan and you commit to it, you can also get in the best shape of your life and you don't even have to feel like you are on a diet or even have to feel deprived or over exercise.

    That is what I teach in my Healthy Meal Plans for weight loss.  It just give you the best foods combined and organized in a way to help you speed fat loss and do it without thinking lol.

    I know how busy you are, because I am crazy busy.  So I actually created these meal plans so that I wouldn't have to think either.  I just wanted to open it and follow instructions.  Its great having the meal plans and recipes available, you know what you are eating everyday and even grocery shopping is easy with the shopping list.

    And my favorite part is that the meals are so yummy that it doesn't even feel like a diet.  I love it.

    I find that people can get the best results when they can stick to a plan because the like it, enjoy it....  You know what I mean?

    I mean, when was the last time you did a "diet" that you could maintain for years?

    Um, never!

    I tell you that because I used to do diets all the time.

    They never worked.  If I lost weight, I would gain it right back after I stopped the diet.  Ugh!

    That is why now, I NEVER DIET!

    I just follow these Healthy Meal Plans that help me speed fat burning and metabolism but I actually enjoy it.

    By the way, make sure you are following me on FACEBOOK as I post daily workout videos, healthy recipes and tons of weight loss tips.  I also hang out there all the time and answer questions.   I love connecting with my peeps.

    Alright, enough of that, I know you are dying for the healthy recipe for this COMFORT TURKEY BOWL.

     Oh, and I also want you to try this aaammmaazzinnggg Smoothie and it helps REDUCE BELLY FAT.... Um, yeah, its awesome.  Here it is:  Blueberry Belly Fat Reducer Smoothie Recipe.

    Healthy Recipes:  Healthy Comfort Turkey Bowl


    2 lbs lean ground turkey breast

    1 onion, chopped

    2 celery, chopped

    2 carrots, choped

    3 garlic cloves, chopped

    1 tsp each of oregano and basil

    grill seasoning to taste

    2 tbsp tomato paste

    1 28-ounce can crushed tomatoes

    1 15-ounce can cannelini beans, rinsed and drained

    2 bay leaves

    4 tbsp Parmesan cheese

    4 cups low sodium chicken stock


    In a large saucepan with a little stock over medium heat, sauté the onions, garlic, carrots and celery.  Add the turkey and brown.  Add the spices and seasoning and mix well.  Add the tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, beans, bay leaves and stock.  Cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes.  Remove cover and add in the Parmesan and fold well.

    I hope you try this, its so yummy!

    And if you are having a hard time losing weight and you are not sure what to do about calories, I think this will help you..........  Lose Weight By Managing Your Calories Without Counting Them.

    I do have to say that you are all doing a great job on My Facebook Page , I am loving all the pictures you are posting of my recipes and all the comments and questions. I love it! 

    By the way, I keep getting emails asking me about prior workout posts.  If you can't find them on My Facebook Page, then check them out on My Pinterest Boards, There is a whole Board of Fat Burning & Muscle Toning Workouts and they are all there.  You can also find them on My YouTube Channel.

    P.S.  Thanks for all the wonderful emails about my Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipe Book.  I am so glad that you are enjoying the recipes and that your families are also.  keep them coming, you know I love to hear from you. 

    If you DIGG this healthy recipe, SHARE it, on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Etc, just click on the links above.  



  • Healthy Recipes: Tropical Chicken

    Healthy Recipes-Tropical Chicken 

    Since you know I love food so much, you know I actually take the time out every week to make a menu for my family of what we are going to eat all week.  

    I love this, I mean who doesn't like to pick out exactly what they want to eat.  

    Well, I do know that some people are so busy between work, kids, school, home, etc that it seems the time to menu plan is non existent.  

    But I want to tell you something.......  You probably spend more time frustrated and thinking about what you're going to make for dinner every night, or having to go to the grocery store a few times a week or even having to pick something up.  

    I promise you, if you take literally 15 minutes to make a menu and grocery list for the whole week, you will save a ton of time.

    By the way, I made it even easier for you and I made a Pantry Grocery List, a Fridge Grocery List and a Freezer Grocery List.  If you stock up on all these products, you will be good to go.  Making meal plans will be so much easier.  So make sure to click on this link so you can print out the Grocery Lists.

    And if you are like most of my clients and you just don't know what the optimal foods for fat burning are and how to pair them together, and you don't have the time to make a new meal plan every week,  then you can just get my meal plans.  The ones that I use on a daily basis.  The ones that have helped me be in the best shape of my life after having 2 kids.


    It's just an option.  You don't have to get them.  But if you don't have the energy or time to do this yourself ever week or you are un sure of what the best foods are for losing fat are and how to pair them together, I think you will really love and benefit from the BeFit Moms Fat Loss Meal Plan Program. 

    Anyhow, I know how annoying it is to eat the same thing all the time and feel like you are dieting.  I know how boring it is to eat chicken all the time.  I used to feel like that when I would just grill 6 pieces of chicken and make 3 cups of brown rice a week, steam some broccoli and call it a week.

    It made me eat so bad during the weekend because I was so tired of eating the same thing and feeling deprived that I would totally binge eat on the weekend.

    It wasn't until I started really investing time into cooking and planning meals and making meal plans that I finally discovered the most consistent way of being able to eat healthy.

    By the way, if you feel like you are an EMOTIONAL EATER and you would like to stop because its totally messing with your results, you gotta check this out.... How To Stop Emotional Eating.

    I know one of the most frustrating questions people ask themselves is "what kind of chicken am I going to make tonight".  I mean, we are all trying to eat chicken because its a lean protein and pretty easy and quick to make.  

    But UGH........ REALLY???   Another piece of grilled chicken?

    So today, I have a great healthy recipe for you.  Its one of the most requested things on My Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Etc.  

    Can you give me a good chicken recipe?

    But before I give you this recipe, I just want to give you some tips that will help you with your weight loss and fitness goals.

    Because it’s not just about cooking even though it’s a big part of it.

    I have found that a lot of people are “STUCK” with their weight loss because they are eating some of the wrong foods.

    So I have to make sure you are not eating one or more of foods on this list.  Because if you are, it can be completely SABOTAGING your results.  Yes, it can totally be true that you can be working your butt off at the gym 6 days a week, eating super healthy (as you think), but if you are eating one or more of these foods, you will NOT BE ABLE TO LOSE WEIGHT.  The reason is because these foods though some may think are healthy or not so bad, are actually very inflammatory.

    Inflammation in the digestive track makes it incredibly hard if not impossible to burn fat. So in order to be able to burn fat so you can lose weight effectively, its crucial that you take these foods out of your diet.

    This is so important and makes such a huge impact on your results that I decided to compile these foods into a PDF for you.  So go to the following link where you can download this information for free I also added a list of 5 Foods that are NECESSARY for you to include in your diet if you want to LOSE WEIGHT and GET TONED. Foods that you should eat daily!

    I also took the liberty to share with you a short video of my favorite 5 ABS EXERCISES.  The ones that have gotten me ABS after having 2 kids (daughter is 15 months) and I never had them before.  Here is the link so you can download the PDF and get the VIDEO.  Start applying it right now.  Take those 5 foods out of your KITCHEN immediately!  LINK TO PDF & VIDEO

    Ok, here it is.  

    Its delicious, easy to make, fresh and super healthy.  If you like it, please SHARE IT.  Just click on the links above this article and Tweet it, FB it, Digg it, Pin It, etc.

    By the Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipe Book is not back in.  Its been on BACK ORDER for a few months now but you can still get the E-Book Version of it.

    Enjoy this recipe.

    Healthy Recipe:  Tropical Chicken


    4 chicken breasts

    1 tsp chili powder

    1/2 tsp ginger

    1 tbsp agave

    2 tbsp Dijon mustard

    1 cup fresh pineapple, chopped


    Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.  In a food processor add all the ingredients except the chicken and puree until smooth.  Sprinkle a little s&p on the chicken and pour half the sauce on them and spread evenly all over.  Bake for about 15 minutes, then add the remaining sauce and bake another 5 minutes or until done.

    You will love this recipe.  It will make you feel healthy and refreshed.  Its great with some jasmine rice with edamame and herbs and some roasted asparagus with a  drizzle of EVOO.  Yum, now thats a delicious healthy meal

    I post tons of new recipes on My Facebook & Pinterest every week, so make sure to follow me there. 

    I am loving the way you guys are interacting on My Facebook Fan Page, it really helps you and everyone else there get great ideas and get motivated, so keep it up.

    Look at all my awesome girls on Facebook who are making and enjoing all my healthy recipes.  I want to give you as SPECIAL THANK YOU for reaching out, posting these comments, pictures.  I appreciate you and it will be worth it, you will get great results.  

    Susan, was right, Yummy Zucchini Cakes, I still think that has been the most REPINNED recipe on  My Pinboards for Healthy Recipes.  So if you are not following My Pinboards, make sure you do, you will love all the healthy recipes.  There is also boards for  Tasty Snacks & Protein Smoothies.  

    P.S. Thanks for all the SUBSCRIBES to My YouTube Channel.  Last week a ton of you subscribed.  Have you had the time to look around and see all the different fat loss workouts and muscle toning exercises?  If you haven't SUBSCRIBED, make sure you do so that you can be the first to know when a new workout or exercise video comes out.  I am so proud of all of you who are actually doing the workouts.  I love that you are getting great results.  Keep it up Ladies!

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  • Healthy Recipes: Baked Quinoa Chicken

    Healthy Recipes: Baked Quinoa Chicken 

    I truly believe that one of the reasons why people have such a hard time losing weight, keeping the weight off and getting great results is because they are never CONSISTENT with their clean eating.

    Most people have great intensions and start "dieting" for a few weeks, but after a few weeks of depriving yourself, counting calories, and eating meals that you don't enjoy.........  Its easy to fall off the wagon and start eating whatever you want.

    I have found that if you take a few extra steps to making healthy taste good, then you can enjoy what you eat and if you enjoy what you eat, then you can stick to it for way longer which in turn gets you much better results.

    Consistency is really the key.

    Which means you have to be consistent with your healthy eating.  Which means you have to be consistent with your cooking and meal planning and prepping.

    It's really not hard, its just a matter of getting into a routine.

    That is what I love and I think what others love about My BeFit Moms Program.  Having the meals plans ready and the shopping lists and how it tells you how to prep for other meals as you cook really helps me and people get into a really good routine.

    I think that is why they get such great results.  Actually they lose 2-6 lbs per week when they start the BeFit Moms Meal Plan Program.  Pretty crazy huh?  Especially since they actually start enjoying and loving what they eat.  I follow it on a weekly basis :)

    If you are struggling to lose weight or even those last 5 lbs you want to lose, think about creating a plan that you can be consistent with.  Plan your meals for the week, get all your groceries on one day.  Prep some snacks.  If you do, you will be more successful.

    If you need recipe ideas, I post tons all the time on My Facebook Page.  So be sure to go there and LIKE my page so that you get all the updates, recipes, workouts, etc.

    You can also look through My Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipes E-Book.  With over 300 healthy recipes all organized by Proteins, Carbs, Veggies, Breakfast, Snacks.....  I'm sure it will be easy to find some recipes for your meal plan.

    And if you are like most my clients who don't have time, or don't know how to put the best combinations of foods together to be able to lose weight, then you may really love the BeFit Moms Meal Plan Program while you learn how to meal plan, prep, shop, etc.

    You may also not be able to lose weight because you may be "eating clean", but you may be eating one or more of THE FOODS ON THIS LIST.  There are 5 foods that are super inflammatory.  Inflammation in your digestive track, doesn't allow you to burn fat, no matter how little you are eating.  So this may be your problem as to why you keep "dieting" and "Exercising" but not seeing the scale move.

    I put THIS LIST in a nice little PDF for you so that you can print it and put it in your kitchen and make sure to not eat them.  I also decided to add there the 5 Foods that you must eat on a daily basis to help you lose fat and gain muscle.  And there's a bonus 1 minute video there for you too.  So click on THIS LINK and you can download the PDF and go through your kitchen an literally throw it all out.

    Ok, now want this "BREADED CHICKEN CUTLET RECIPE? 

    Who doesn't like a breaded chicken cutlet?

    But the guilt just doesn't let us truly enjoy it.  I have a solution to this and its using an ingredient that a lot of people don't know about, but its awesome!

    It's Quinoa Flakes (I usually find them at Whole Foods) and I have made tons of delicious healthy recipes with them.  Not only are they high in protein, gluten-free and incredibly high in nutrients but they are DEELISH!

    The great thing about this healthy recipe is that it takes minutes to make.  And my son and picky eater of a hubby loved it.  So I encourage you to try it and let your whole family try it.

    If you are bored of eating the same baked or grilled plain chicken, you will love this recipe and here is another chicken recipe that I love, its insanely good and super healthy.  It almost tastes like Chicken Parmesan.  Click here for tis Healthy Spinach Dip Marinara Chicken Recipe.

    Healthy Recipes:  Baked Quinoa Chicken

    4 Servings


    1 cup quinoa flakes

    2 tsp each of paprika, oregano, thyme, garlic powder, onion powder

    S&P to taste

    2 tbsp Dijon mustard

    1 tbsp Agave nectar

    4 chicken cutlets

    1/4 cup fresh parsley chopped


    In a small bowl, mix together the mustard and agave.  In a shallow dish mix the quinoa flakes and herbs and S&P.  With a spoon pour the mustard mixture all over both sides of chicken and then place on the quinoa herb mixture and coat evenly on both sides.  Place on a lined baking dish and bake in the oven for ~20-25 minutes or until done.  Sprinkle fresh parsley on top and if you have left over mustard mixture or want to make a little extra, drizzle on top when you serve.  

    I'll tempt you again with another picture of this delicious chicken recipe.

    This is a great dish to have with my Zucchini Cakes.  Have you made those yet?  Its one of my MOST REPINNED & SHARED recipe on Pinterest and My Website.  If you didn't get that recipe, go to My Pinboards and repin it from there, or print it out.  It makes a great meal paired with this Baked Quinoa Chicken. 

    I can't tell you how happy it makes me when you guys reach out to me and tell me about you trying my healthy recipes and workouts so please keep it up. So keep going to My Facebook Page and connecting with me there and posting your food pictures.  I love hearing from you and it INSPIRES me to give you MORE.

    If you are not currently FOLLOWING  My Pinboards for Healthy Recipes, make sure you do, you will get tons of delicious, mouth watering healthy recipes to try.  All you have to do, is click REPIN, and they will automatically be organized onto  your boards.

    If you need some EXERCISE MOTIVATION and IDEAS, check out My YouTube Channel, tons of great workout videos for you to try and you can pretty much do all of them from home :) 



  • Healthy Recipes For Strawberry Salsa On Chicken

    I have to admit, even though I love to cook, and I do my best TO MAKE THE TIME to cook, sometimes it feels as if there just isn't enough hours in the day and I am so pooped that it is a bit hard to make a yummy meal.  This happened to me the other night.  It was late, I still needed to get some things done and it was 6pm and no food was cooked.  

    Luckily, I always make extra's and have leftover's and that night I had some plain baked chicken in the fridge.  But you know me, I hate to eat BLAND & BORING food.  It just leaves me with the desire to eat more because I don't feel satisfied.  So I took a quick glance at my fridge, hmmmm what can I do to spice up these chicken breasts?

    As I set the jasmine rice to cook, I took out strawberries, scallions, basil , and.........  I had to.........  goat cheese.  It took me no more than 5 minutes to assemble this delicious topping for my chicken and I ended up devouring my chicken with strawberry salsa and I was licking my fingers.  

    Before I give you this recipe, I want to share with with  you something that will make a huge impact on your results.  Because I know it can be frustrating.  But I think most of the time, people are eating the wrong things and at the wrong times.  Not eating enough of the good things and that is why the results don't follow.  So I want to give you a very important PDF as a gift.  This PDF has a list of 5 Foods that are in most peoples diets but if you don't take them out, it is close to impossible to see results.  In this PDF, you will also get the 5 Foods that you must have in your diet to be able to lose fat.  When I take these foods out of my clients diets, they lose weight super fast.  Its crazy.  I myself got in the best shape of my life after 2 kids when I totally took out these foods.

    I have that and a ton of tips for you, so click here to get them:  WHAT TO TAKE OUT OF YOUR DIET TO BE ABLE TO LOSE WEIGHT.

    It makes such a difference when you actually ENJOY THE HEALTHY FOOD YOU EAT!  So, my dear friends, I urge you and challenge you to take the extra time to make your healthy food taste good and enjoyable because in the end, you will get better results.

    So check out my delicious chicken recipes.

    Healthy Recipes:  Chicken With Strawberry Salsa


    4 Chicken breasts (baked or grilled)

    1 1/2 cup strawberries, hulled and quartered

    3 scallions, chopped (with greens)

    1/4 cup fresh basil, chopped

    2-3 tbsp crumbled goat cheese


    Use leftover chicken or bake or grill 4 chicken breasts with a little seasoning.  In a bowl mix the rest of the ingredients, and pour on top of the chicken to serve.

    Seriously, this healthy recipe is ridiculously easy to make and incredibly succulent.  It goes to show you that you can make it happen, it doesn't have to take a bunch of hours.  And its so worth it.

    I have tons of easy and healthy and delicious recipes like this in my book Eat To Be Fit, right now I have 0 copies as they are SOLD OUT, but you can get the E-BOOK right now for only $9.99, so if you want to start enjoying delicious healthy meals, get your copy now, click here:  Eat To Be Fit

    I LOVE that you are ENJOYING all my recipes.  This week I heard of people in Spain, Italy, Colombia, who are making my recipes and loving them.  Make sure to organize them on your Pinterest Boards so you can keep them together and make sure to make them.  If you haven't gotten all the recipes, make sure to check My Pinboards for Healthy Recipes as there are tons of amazingly delicious and healthy recipes there.

    If you are frustrated with not knowing what to eat and when to eat it.  And you just don't have the time to plan out your meals for the week, you will love my BeFit Moms Meal Plan & Workout Program.  I do all the work for you.  I send you weekly detailed meal plans with all the recipes and tons of different options for your snack meals and also an organized shopping list to help make your life even easier.  Whats best is that you will lose weight and your family will actually enjoy all the meals as well.  No more "Diet Food" for mom and frozen dinners for the kids.  Even your hubby will love the meals and everyone will be healthier and you won't have to take the time to figure it out or execute it.   And guess what, it comes with WORKOUTS also.  Yep, its awesome. I can't wait to send you the first month of the BeFit Moms Program.

    Keep on brining the QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, LIKES, RECIPE IDEAS, ETC on My Facebook Page.  Like I always say, i love hearing from you guys and interacting on there helps you get ideas and motivation and inspiration from others, so keep on interacting on My Facebook page.

    If you like this recipe idea, SHARE it, on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Etc, just click on the links above.  

    Love you guys!  Keep on cookin'



  • Healthy Recipes: Zucchini Cakes

    Did you know that eating vegetables helps you burn calories?

    Yup, it does!  When you eat veggies, your body has to work really hard to break them down, in essence, burning tons of calories in the process.  

    Now if thats not motivation to eat up your veggies, I don't know what is!

    I know that what's hard for people is not eating them, its actually making them.  Most people are used to eating bland and boring steamed or grilled vegetables.  And not that its bad to eat them that way, but it certainly isn't enjoyable.  And I am all about enjoying your food, because the reality is......that if you don't enjoy the food you are eating, you are not going to be consistent with your healthy eating.

    So what do you have to do to enjoy your vegetables?

    You have to take a little time to make them taste yummy!

    And don't you worry, I have your back.  I have a great, fun, easy and healthy veggie recipe for you today.

    Now, before I give you the recipe, I want to make sure we got some basics covered.  Because if you are trying to LOSE SOME WEIGHT or trying to FEEL BETTER, or get MORE TONED, and you are eating some of "THESE FOODS", it will be close to impossible no matter what else you are eating or how much EXERCISEyou are doing.

    There are some foods that I try to always stay away from because they are super INFLAMMATORY and inflammation is not only the root of most DISEASES, but it also doesn't allow you to BURN FATeffectively.  So even if you exercise 7 times a week and eat 800 calories a day......  If you eat some of the foods on "THIS LIST", you may possibly not be able to burn ONE OUNCE of fat.

    So before I give you this crazy, to die for, yummy recipe, I want to give you this list of foods so that you can get them out of your diet and be able to see much better results.

    I also put together a list of the foods I always have and the foods that are CRUCIAL to include in everyones nutrition in order to not only be healthy but to also be able to lose weight and be able to gain LEAN AND TONED muscle.

    This is a lot of information and I wanted to put it together in a way that you can see it, print it and put it somewhere in your kitchen as a reminder.  So you can download it here in THIS LINK.  I also went ahead and gave you a 30 seconds video with some of the BEST ABS EXERCISES that I feel have gotten me the best results ever.  I mean ABS that I have never had (after 2 kids).  Again, here is the link:  Forbidden & Must Eat Foods

    Ok, here it goes!  Make sure to hit the FACEBOOK and PINTEREST button above the page so you can share this yummy recipe with your friends and so that you can make sure you have it on your own Pinterest Board.

    Healthy Recipes:  Zucchini Cakes



    2 zucchini, shredded

    1 egg and 1 egg white

    2-3 tbsp Parmesan cheese

    1/4 cup Quinoa Flakes

    1 tsp paprika

    1 tsp garlic powder


    In a bowl, mix all the ingredients until well incorporated.  Form into little patties, whatever size you like.  Spray a pan with a little coconut oil spray on light cooking spray over medium heat and cook the patties until golden brown.  Flip and cook for a little longer (this side cooks faster).

    You won't believe how delicious these are and it sure beats a piece of steamed broccoli or asparagus.  

    These zucchini cakes would go great with my Walnut Crusted Chicken, if you don't have this recipe yet, you can Pin it unto your Pinterest Boards.  You can find it on My Pinterest Board.  By the way, I love how you guys are Repinning all my recipes on your own boards.  Isn't it a great way to keep all your healthy recipes organized.  And you can keep going to My Pinterest Boards to find more healthy recipes all the time.

    Oh, and a note to all my HEALTHY RECIPES EXPRESS clients, I am so glad you are loving all the healthy recipes.  What I like most, is that you are actually making all of the recipes.  Thanks for  all the pictures of your meals and for posting them on My Facebook Page.  I appreciate it and love seeing that you are being proactive.  Keep making all the recipes and enjoying them and wait for next months 12 NEW HEALTHY RECIPES.  I love this program!

    P.S.  I know you guys are eager to get my Eat To Be Fit Healthy Recipes Book.  It's been on back order for a few weeks but I will have them by next week.  So if you want your copy make sure to place your order NOW or you may have to wait even longer.  YEAH........ I love that you guys are loving to cook and eat healthy.

    Check out the zucchini cakes again, look at how yummy these look.

  • Healthy Recipes: Fresh & Fruity Quinoa Salad

    With life being so busy, its hard to get dinner on the table, I get it, especially being a mom and working full time.  That is why I am always trying to come up with quick and easy ways to get healthy meals ready for my family.

    Today I have a great healthy recipe and its using quinoa, which isn't only tasty and super quick to make, but its a SUPER FOOD!  Here are some quick fact about quinoa so that you can include it in your diet.

    Health Benefits of Quinoa:

    • High in PROTEIN, has all 9 essential amino acids
    • Low in FAT
    • High in Manganese (disease & cancer fighting antioxidant)
    • Tons of nutrients like:  magnesium, fiber, calcium, riboflavin, copper and potassium.

    This healthy recipe for quinoa is easy to make, not a lot of cooking at all and has tons of yummy and good for you ingredients.

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    Healthy Recipes:  Fresh & Fruity Quinoa Salad


    1 cup quinoa (cook as directed)

    1 cup shelled edamame

    1 cup frozen corn, thawed

    1 cup black beans

    1 orange, peeled, segmented and chopped

    1/3 cup cilantro, chopped

    2 hass avocado, chopped

    2 lemons, juiced

    3 tbsp EVOO

    dash of Agave Nectar

    S&P to taste

    1 lb shrimp, peeled, deveined.


    Pre-heat the oven to 375 and sprinkle shrimp with grill seasoning and bake for 5-7 minutes.  Meanwhile, in a big bowl, whisk the lemon juice, EVOO, agave and s&p.  Fold in the rest of the ingredients and mix until well incorporated.  To serve, spoon salad in a plate and top with a few roasted shrimps.

    How good does this look?


    Have you tried Quinoa?  

    What are your favorite ingredients?  What would you add to quinoa to make it a yummy dish?

    Make sure to share here so we get lots of ideas!

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