How Do You Prevent WEIGHT GAIN During Vacations?

It's Summer Time, and that means the kids are home, you have tons of trips planned, and you are very far from keeping some sort of routine.

For most people, this means 5-10lbs of FAT gained.

Is it worth it?  

I mean, you spend all year working so hard to look and feel good, and you take a few vacations and throw it all down the drain!

Now, I am not saying that you shouldn't have some fun.  If you are going to Italy I would definitely expect you to have some of their delicious cuisine.  I am just saying, you have to learn to be MODERATE!  

If you are "moderate", you may gain a few pounds, but once you are back and hitting the gym and the diet, you will be right back in no time.

Can this be done?


My AWESOME client Suzanne Bell made a huge transformation in the last few months.  She lost 10% body fat and looks better than ever.  So we are really pumped up about maintaining these awesome results even though its summer and she travels a lot.

This past week she went on a cruise with her family and friends.  Suzy is a wife, mother of 2, and full time business woman.  Before her trip she did some groceries and bought some bars, nuts, almond butter, etc.  She packed an entire (small) suitcase full of her supplements, vitamins, protein powder, greens, protein bars, snacks, etc.  She even took the Majic Bullet so she could make shakes in her room. 

Now thats what I'm talking about!  It only took her a few minutes to plan and pack and this enabled her to have a great vacation without gaining 10lbs in a week which most people do on a cruise.

Before she left we talked about her exercise.  She committed to working out at least 3-4 of the 7 days.  I gave her a "Cruise Program" and off she went!  And she came back just the way she left.

It's important for you to plan your vacations and make some sort of a commitment to eating well and exercising.  If you leave with a plan in mind, you will be much better off.  That commitment can be something like:

  • "I will eat healthy breakfasts and lunches every day, and splurge a little on a few dinners".
  • "I will not eat desserts"
  • "I will only drink 2 of the 7 days"
  • "I will workout 3 of the 7 days"
  • "I will take snacks to make sure I eat every few hours"

If you don't make some sort of a commitment you will most likely come back with more than a few extra pounds that took you a lot of effort to lose.

I go to the keys a lot all year, but during the summer, we go almost every weekend.  If I didn't make some sort of commitment to my health and fitness I would probably gain 5 lbs every weekend.  But every weekend that we go, I commit to working out one of the days, I pack my oatmeal and protein powder to make sure I can definitely have a healthy breakfast.  And as soon as we get to the keys I do some groceries and make sure to get healthy snacks for the boat, and good choices for making dinners.  If I didn't do this I would have to eat whatever else our friends and family had and that is most of the time, very poor choices.

So take some time this summer to think about your vacations and do some planning and committing.  You are going to be one LEAN MEAN MACHINE this summer.

I am going to Europe in October for my last HARRAHHHH before I get pregnant again.  What is a girl to do in France and Italy?  Will there be gyms?  What am I supposed to do about those gelato's and french pastries?  HELP!