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  • Warm Apple Cinna-Nutty Protein Bars

    As you know, I am a chocolate lover!  So a lot of my snack recipes have some sort of chocolate in them.  But once in a while I make some fruity concoction also, and I'm reminded of how much I love those snacks also!

  • Lean & Mean Healthy Recipes From BB3 Seminar

    Ezekiel Mc Muffin Toast 1 Ezekiel English Muffin with 1 slice of low fat cheese.  Prepare 4 egg white omelet with spinach, place on top of the cheese covered slice of Ezekiel and top with the other half. Oatmeal Pancake: Blend: Oatmeal 1 serving (original or weight control- banana bread or maple and brown sugar) 3-4 egg whites ΒΌ cup fat-free cottage cheese *if regular oatmeal, add cinnamon to blend, and add sugar-free/low sugar jelly on top* Optional:  add almonds, walnuts, and/or fres...


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