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  • The BEST Salmon Recipe - Apricot Glazed Salmon

    The BEST Salmon Recipe- Apricot Glazed Salmon  Can you believe that I once hated salmon? Yep, super crazy, but it's true. That is why I always tell people not to give up on teaching their kids how to eat.

  • Eating Out Without Gaining Weight -Tips To Doing It The Right Way

    Eating Without Gaining Weight-Tips To Doing It The Right Way  The weekends can really mess you up when it comes to your weight loss and fitness goals. The reason is understandable...... We are off from work, spending time with family, taking some time off from cooking, eating out, etc.

  • The Weekends Are Preventing You From Losing Weight

    The Weekends Are Preventing You From Losing Weight  Do you feel like you eat pretty darn healthy all week but then you get disappointed with yourself after the weekend because of how bad you ate? I feel ya! I remember years ago when I used to try to eat so perfectly and I would deprive myself so much all week that once the weekend came, I wanted to eat everything that was in front of me.

  • They Yummiest Turkey Meatballs Recipe

     Healthy Pesto Turkey Meatballs My secret for being able to eat healthy CONSISTENTLY is to have a plan, always. You must know me by now, if you have been following me for a while..... I make a new meal plan every Saturday with a shopping list to go with it.

  • Carbs at Night - Good or Bad?

     Carbs At Night- Good or Bad? Have you done it before? Have you cut carbs out of your last meal or dinner meal?

  • Ground Turkey Veggie Scramble Recipe

    Ground Turkey Veggie Scramble Recipe  One of the reasons I am always cooking and testing and creating new recipes is because I can’t stand to eat the same thing all the time. Eating the same thing all the time makes me feel like “I’m on a diet”. When I feel like I’m on a diet, I actually do worse with my diet.

  • Crunchy Nutty Healthy Bombs

    This is for all the CRUNCHERS out there who sometimes just need something to "crunch" on. Not that I'm condoning the whole thing, but hey, if I can pull of something that is this healthy, this yummy and it crunches...... Why not?

  • Eat Nuts & Burn Fat

  • Healthy Recipes For Colorful Quinoa Pilaf

    As a mom, its always a struggle to feed the kiddos healthy!   I get it, it can be time consuming and frustrating.  But its worth investing the time into your children's health.

  • Healthy Recipe For Crunchy Smoky Cucumber Salad

    So I just got done listening to a super smart guy in the Health Industry... Dr. Jose Antonio and he spoke about how beneficial it is to eat protein, and thank God because I love me some chicken, fish, turkey, eggs.

  • Healthy Recipes: Tropical Chicken

    Healthy Recipes-Tropical Chicken  Since you know I love food so much, you know I actually take the time out every week to make a menu for my family of what we are going to eat all week.   I love this, I mean who doesn't like to pick out exactly what they want to eat.   Well, I do know that some people are so busy between work, kids, school, home, etc that it seems the time to menu plan is non existent.

  • Lose Weight With This Healthy Diet Recipe

    Need healthy diet recipes to help you lose weight? I can help you! Losing weight is hard not because of the working out but because of the nutrition!

  • Vegetables Help You Burn Fat: Healthy Veggie Recipe

    Are you getting hungry all the time because you are on a diet? Even soon after you eat? I have the solution for you!  Diet Recipes!  You need diet recipes to help you burn fat and still enjoy what you eat.  I will give you a vegetable recipe as your diet recipe of the day.

  • 2 Delicious & Healthy Recipes

    Want to lose weight? You need healthy recipes. Here is how to get them weekly: Click on the following link and sign up for the “Free” Fat Burning Workouts.

  • Cut Back On Whole Wheat Products & Lose Weight

    I just love to hear people talking about “eating right”!  I talk to people all the time who say “Oh you don’t have to worry about me, I eat very healthy……..I eat whole-wheat products, fruits, yogurts” and the list goes on…….. I am sure that you too “eat healthy”, so you eat whole-wheat products.  But do you think that whole-wheat products are optimal?  Do you think you can lose weight and eat tons of whole wheat products??

  • Delicious Healthy Recipes

    You don't have to starve yourself or eat really bland and yukky food in order to lose weight!  Quite the opposite!!  You have to eat often in order to speed up metabolism so that you can BURN FAT all day long.  And you have to season your food and enjoy it so that you can be consistent and not fall off the wagon because you’ve been depriving yourself of everything!  You can find tons of recipes to help you achieve this in this healthy cook book:&...


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