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  • The Deal On Fat-Free Foods

    Everyone who is trying to “lose weight” or “get in shape” opts for the FAT-FREE products!  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  If this is you, I applaud you for trying to take a healthy route and cut out the fat.  But let me first tell you a couple of things about fat. There are 3 types of fat: 1. Saturated fat:  Solid at room temperature, derived from animal sources. Examples:  meat, dairy products such as cream and cheese, coconut and palm oil.

  • Healthy Recipe For Turkey: Do You Use Non-Fat Cooking Spray To Cook

    The other day I was training a client and all of a sudden she pulls out a recorder……..yes, a recorder!  She decided she was going to record me every time I talked about a recipe or anything that had to do with nutrition.   So I start telling her about this amazing turkey recipe I made the other day….Yes, I’ll give it to you in a second!  She busts out her recorder as I start telling her the ingredients.  At one point I was telling her to spray a sauté pan with non-fat co...


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