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  • Healthy Recipe For Tomato & Herb Rice Salad

    So many people are afraid of eating CARBS! I'm not sure why as carbohydrates are our main source of fuel. I guess it stems from when the Atkins Diet was popular and people were sitting around ordering pizza and taking the cheese off of it and eating that in an attempt to be healthy.

  • Healthy Recipes For Tex-Mex Rice Pilaf

    I get so bored of eating plain brown rice, don't you? Have you tried Jasmine Rice?  Its also good for you and gluten-free, and it is delicious and when you are cooking it, it makes your entire house smell amazing.

  • You Can Lose Weight With These Healthy Carbs

    Do you ever get stuck eating the same thing and have no idea what other “healthy” options there are? Do you need to lose weight and dont know what to eat? When my clients fall off the wagon with their nutrition, I have them log their food for a few weeks so I can see where they are falling short.  They usually say they are eating “good”, but when I see the logs I find whole wheat bagel for breakfast, sandwich on whole wheat bread for lunch and whole wheat pasta for dinner.  H...


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