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  • Healthy Crockpot Sesame Chicken Recipe

    Now more than ever, I am using my crockpot.  I mean, I have always used it often but ever since baby #2 was born, I seem to use it way more.  Its just so easy and quick.

  • Healthy Crockpot Meal

    If you have been reading my posts, you know that I am as of this post 6 months pregnant and just recently fractured my toe.  I am on crutches but since I'm 6 months pregnant and just recovering from placenta previa where I was not allowed to exercise for 2 months, so between that and the belly, the crutches don't feel very stable and its also quite hard to balance with them on one leg and the extra weight. So when I'm at home, I wheel around in a wheel chair.

  • Healthy Crock Pot Recipes: Mexican Chicken

    As a busy mom (one that likes to cook), sometimes I really feel like I won't have the time to get it all done in 24 hours.  For some reason everyday I'm hoping I miraculously will get an extra few hours to get stuff done.  Obviously, it doesn't happen, but one of the things that feels like can take forever is cooking.


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