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  • The Weekends Are Preventing You From Losing Weight

    The Weekends Are Preventing You From Losing Weight  Do you feel like you eat pretty darn healthy all week but then you get disappointed with yourself after the weekend because of how bad you ate? I feel ya! I remember years ago when I used to try to eat so perfectly and I would deprive myself so much all week that once the weekend came, I wanted to eat everything that was in front of me.

  • The Best Butternut Squash & The Quickest Way To Cut & Cook It

    Ok, so, I love BUTTERNUT SQUASH, but man is it a pain to cut it.   I especially eat it when my kids have been babies because I puree it a lot for them.  Its so nutritious.

  • Healthy Chicken Recipe With Apricot Glaze

    Who doesn't need another option for a good week night healthy chicken meal. This one is spectacular and insanely easy to make.  Its one of my favorites.

  • Tomato-Spinach Chicken

    It is crucial to have Protein in every meal if you want to have a toned and defined body.   Because the only way to be toned is to have muscle.  And the only way to build muscle, is if you eat enough protein.

  • Gluten-Free Pumpkin Protein Muffins

    I love this time of month. The main reason I love it is because of PUMPKIN. I love pumpkin everything!

  • Healthy Recipes: Tropical Chicken

    Healthy Recipes-Tropical Chicken  Since you know I love food so much, you know I actually take the time out every week to make a menu for my family of what we are going to eat all week.   I love this, I mean who doesn't like to pick out exactly what they want to eat.   Well, I do know that some people are so busy between work, kids, school, home, etc that it seems the time to menu plan is non existent.

  • BeFit Moms Oatmeal Pancake: Heathy Snack

    Moms are amazing jugglers.  We have to juggle so much all at once.  No wonder its so hard for us to be in shape, have energy and feel good about ourselves......


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