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  • The One Thing That Is Preventing You From Better Results + Apricot Glazed Chicken Recipe

    I find it hilarious and frustrating at the same time, when I speak to my clients sometimes. For some reason, they always want to find a NEW SOLUTION that will get them those last extra pounds off, or will get their arms toned, or help them lose 25 pounds, or help the kids eat healthier, get more toned........ I get these types of questions: What can I take?

  • Diet Recipes For Protein, Carbs & Vegetables

    I know how people get when they are “on a plan” or “on a program”.  That means they are “on a diet”.  People eat bland and boring foods because they think that is what it takes to get results.  But it does not have to be that way.  If you take the time to cook and be creative, you can eat healthy and delicious meals,and you will never realize your are “on a diet” with these diet recipes.   This is what the people who do my BeFit Moms Meal Pl...


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