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  • Why I Don't Eat Salads & How Eating Them Makes Me Fatter

    Do you EAT SALADS all the time in an attempt to "Eat Healthier"? So many people do this.   They want to start eating cleaner, or they want to lose weight so they just eat salads all the time.

  • Hearts & Avocado Salad

    I know that its hard to get your veggies in because it can be a pain to make them. On days like that I whip up this salad.  Its one of my favorites and you usually have all the ingredients in your pantry and in your fridge.

  • Healthy Recipe For Hearts Of Palm Salad

    I don't usually love to eat salads because they don't really fill me up.   And I definitely don't like making salads at home, I can possibly eat them out, but not at home. Unless..............

  • Healthy Recipe For Crunchy Mung Greens Salad

     I have to admit that I dont really LOVE SALADS.  I mean, I do like to order salads for lunch sometimes when I am out, but truthfully when I eat a salad, I'm hungry within an hour....  well, RAVENOUS actually!  So needless to say, I don't make salads at home....... that's why on My Pinterest Boards for Healthy Recipes that are Fat Burning, you will find NO salads, but definitley find great recipes for delicious, healthy and filling meals. So this is a huge thing for me that I...


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