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  • Fresh & Easy Shrimp Ceviche

    Do you ever have those days when you just can't stomach another piece of chicken? I have those days often!  So I was so happy when I whipped up this yummy SHRIMP CEVICHE. I love cooking and eating shrimp.

  • Shrimp & Edamame Brown Rice Bowl

    Do you like those Stir Fry places? I actually like the concept and the type of food, I just don't like all the grease they add to the meal, so I'd rather make it myself.  It's great because its basically a protein, brown rice and veggies.

  • Healthy Recipe For Tomato Shrimp Skillet

    I love quick and easy dinners and thats why I love to cook shrimp.  You can roast it in 6 minutes and cook it on the stove in 5, its the best.  Last week I posted a picture of this dinner I had on My Facebook Page and over 50 people said they wanted the recipe.

  • A 6-Minute Healthy Recipe For Dinner

    Ha ha, I know you opened this because you were like....... 6 minutes for dinner...... YEAH RIGHT!


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