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  • How To Choose The Right Protein Bar

    How To Choose The Right Protein Bar  If you are trying to eat clean, lose weight, get more toned, speed metabolism and be healthier.......  Then you are probably eating every few hours.  This means you are eating anywhere between 4-6 meals per day.

  • Protein Bars, Protein Shakes, Smoothies, Juices - Which Is Optimal?

    Protein Bars, Protein Shakes, Smoothies, Juices- Which Is Optimal?   I’m sure you know by now that if you want to start eating healthier, you have to eat a small meal with healthy carbs, protein, vegetables and healthy fats every 3-4 hours. Well, with how busy life is these days, it’s kind of hard to cook that many meals every day, isn’t it?


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