PROTEIN - Good or Bad? Should You Be A Vegan?

This is going to be short and sweet, well......... maybe not so sweet, maybe you will think this should be more of  a post on my colleague's blog, Bryan Francis Stupid Gym Shit.  But here it goes.

I had a client text me that she was so upset.  She had people staying with her and they kept giving her a hard time about eating protein!  "Protein isn't good for you".  "You shouldn't eat Whey protein".  They made her feel awful.  I guess the NEW FAD is to be a VEGAN.  

Listen my friend, all power to you if you are a vegan.  I am not going to give you a hard time at all.  But please don't give us "protein eaters" a hard time.

My client asked me, what can I say to them to defend myself and how I eat?

I thought about it and I was getting ready for this big long dissertation and then I thought about this.  I said the following and please excuse my attitude!

"Tell them that PROTEIN is a NUTRIENT.  By definition, a nutrient is something you must ingest in order to SUSTAIN LIFE, so tell your friends that if you want to LIVE, you must ingest PROTEIN".  Period and the END!  That is all I gotta say about that!

So before you go on trying to convince people not to eat certain things, make sure you have done your proper research.

On a better note, I taught my Eat To Be Fit Cooking Class today and it was amazing.  We made 2 chicken dishes, 1 healthy carb, and 1 delicious veggie.  So I am going to leave you today with a great recipes for PROTEIN, a great chicken recipe

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Click here to get the recipe:  Nutty Pear Chicken