The Yummiest Tuna Salad

I love tuna!

I always have a few cans of Wild Caught tuna at home because its super easy to whip up a great meal with it.

I often have it for lunch, not really for dinner, but I really enjoy it.

How To Buy Your Tuna

My one tip with tuna is to buy it wild caught and in water not oil.

There is one tuna recipe in my MMF Healthy Meal Plans E-Book that is to die for.  It’s called Mexican Tuna and I normally have it over a Brown Rice English Muffin and it is simply spectacular and it takes less than 5 minutes to whip up.

That is what I love about my MMF Healthy Meal Plans E-Book, the meals are super quick and easy to make and they are all so yummy that you never feel like you are “dieting”, but you still lose weight and get leaner.

My other favorite tuna is this tuna salad that I often make to go on the boat or to the beach. 
It’s literally my go to for lunch on the beach, because like I said, I always have a few cans of tuna at home and the rest of the ingredients are staples fromMy Grocery Lists. 

Did you print those out yet?

I organized for you a Grocery List for the Pantry, Fridge and Freezerand if you print those out and have them in your kitchen, it will be super easy to make any quick healthy meal. Actually, you can make any of my recipes (which are all organized for you on My Pinterest Page).

I know that having a plan really helps me stay on track with eating healthy and its consistency of eating healthy that gets you really good results that last.

Actually, its definitely what has helped me take control of my eating and be able to finally see my abs and be in the best shape of my life (and maintain it).

So, I'm going to hook you up and give you a Meal Plan for the month.

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What do you normally eat when you go to the beach?

Most people eat sandwiches, right?

But I don’t like to eat sandwiches, actually, my family never eats sandwiches. Well, once in a while, the boys do but I try not to eat bread, unless its gluten-free.

Most people that eat a lot of bread have BLOATING PROBLEMS.

Do you have bloating problems?

Do you feel like you can’t get rid of the BELLY FAT?

If you feel this way, there are some foods that if you eliminate them from your diet, will help you tremendously.  You will lose the bloat, and you will decrease inflammation so that you can burn fat more effectively, which basically means, you will lose weight FASTER and EASIER.

The reason is because these foods though some may think are healthy or not “so bad”, are actually very inflammatory.


Inflammation in the digestive track makes it incredibly hard if not impossible to burn fat. So in order to be able to burn fat so you can lose weight effectively, its crucial that you take these foods out of your diet.


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Doing this will give you great results, so make sure you take advantage of this free info and print it out and go in your kitchen and take all the foods out.


If you want some more tips on how to lose weight, read this awesome and super informative post on HOW TO MANAGE YOURCALORIES TO LOSE WEIGHT.


Ok, so now back to the recipe.

I know you are going to love this recipe.

And I bet you already have all the ingredients at home.


If you make it, will you take a picture and post it on Facebook and TAG me with it #MMFRecipes.  I love seeing you making my recipes.


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The Yummiest Tuna Salad



2 cans of wild caught tuna in water, drained

½ cup chopped red/green peppers, onions and tomatoes (sometimes I buy the pre-chopped), but you can chop them yourself.

½ cup low fat cottage cheese

2 tbsp Dijon mustard

3 tbsp dried cranberries or ¼ cup chopped green apple

¼ cup toasted sliced almonds or chopped walnuts



In a medium bowl, mix all the ingredients well and serve cold.


How easy is that?


If you buy a mixture (whichever you like) of pre-chopped veggies, you will literally make this salad in less than 5 minutes.


It makes a ton of servings so it usually lasts me a few days of lunches or snacks.


For a Low/No Carb meal, I either it by itself or I serve it over greens like arugula and spinach and some crunchy Romaine….  I just mix up the 3 of them and spoon the tuna over it….  Yum!


If not, I serve it sometimes over quinoa or brown rice and sometimes over brown rice English Muffin or Gluten-Free Toast.

Actually, one other way I love to have it is mixed into some brown rice pasta, like a cold pasta tuna salad.


Hello!  Can you say amazing!


I know how busy you are, and how awesome it is to be able to whip up healthy week night meals in a flash, so here is another recipe I think you will really like. 

It’s a Chicken and Broccoli Casserole and I made it in 10 minutes….  


Theres tons of other recipes on My Pinterest Page, so make sure you go there and hit FOLLOW ALL so that you can have easy access to all my healthy recipes, workouts, weight loss tips and so much more.  They are all organized nicely for you to be able to find what you need to help you achieve your goals. 


And here is a workout for you to try this week:


It’s a Belly Flattening Workout and you can do it at the gym or at home.


Here is a great workout for you to try!


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