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  • Workout: Lose Inches Off Your Thighs

  • Workout For Women To Tone & Sculpt The Body

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  • Trim Your Thighs With This Slimming Leg Workout

    I know that you are definitely going to read this one.  I mean, what woman passes up on an opportunity to trim and slim the thighs?  Don't worry, I got you covered today with a great thigh slimming workout for all you moms.

    Isn't it  funny to walk into gyms and just observe? 

    Normally, the men are all doing chest and biceps and the ladies are doing legs.  

    It's like we can never work our legs enough, right?  I've always wondered why God gave us estrogen and men testosterone.  I mean, we are the ones that have to wear the short shorts, tight jeans, and bikinis.  

    How come men don't have cellulite on their thighs or dimples on their butts?  They don't ever have to wear anything that remotely shows their legs.  So unfair, right?

    Anyhow, since I know that most likely, your thighs are one of your main concerns or problem areas, as it is for most of us ladies.  I am going to give you a killer leg workout that if coupled with the proper nutrition will get those thighs lean and trim.

    This is the actual workout that I am currently doing.  So I invite you to join me in the next 4 weeks of thigh trimming!  

    4-Week Slimming Leg Workout For Moms

    A1.  10 Stationary Lunges

    A2.  10 Deadlifts

    Rest 90 seconds and repeat another 2 times

    B1.  Leg Extensions:  Drop Set 10-10-10 followed by a 30 second Squat Isometric Hold

    B2.  Leg Curls:  Drop Set 10-10-10 followed by a 30 second Isometric Hold

    Rest 90 seconds and repeat another 2 times

    C1.  10 Single Leg Squat followed by 20 Half Reps (with lesser weight)

    C2.  10 Stability Ball Hip Extensions or Leg Curls followed by 20 Half Rep

    Rest 90 seconds and repeat one more time

    One major mistake the ladies make when trying to slim the thighs, is they workout their legs like 4 times a week.  In order to get great results, you need to allow your legs to properly rest and recover.  So no need to train your legs more than once or twice a week.  Actually it usually takes at least 3-4 days to fully recover.  So train the rest of your body as well.

    I know what you are thinking.  How the heck do I know what exercises, reps and sets to do for the rest of my body?  How do I make sure the workout is safe and effective?

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