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  • Brides Fitness Plan

    Getting in shape for the wedding day is so important for Brides-to-be!  I mean, it’s the one and only day in your life that you are literally the Queen of the Universe  It’s your day to shine, to be amazing, to be the spot like, to be a princess or a queen, to be SPECIAL!  So, of course, every Bride-to-be wants to be in the best shape of their lives.  So I’m going to give you the BRIDE FITNESS PLAN now, but remember a complete plan should include...

  • Brides Diet Meal Plan

    Your wedding day is coming up, and you want the best bride diet out there.  Well, if you know me or read my articles, you know that I don’t believe diets work.  What I do believe in is eating right, making the best possible choices, eating foods that speed metabolism so that you can burn calories all day long, curbing calories, etc. Seeming that this is such an important event and you must look your absolute best, I am going to give you a hard core eating ...

  • Brides Diet

    Wondering what you should cut out of your bride diet? I know what you are going through, working full time, planning a wedding, running around doing errands, spending time with fiancé, plus trying to workout and lose weight for wedding.  I want to help you so I'm going to give you the best BRIDE DIET!

  • Bridal Fitness & Weight Loss Plan

    Shopping for the wedding gown is fun……..looking your absolute best is IMPERATIVE!  If you don’t feel at your best, don’t worry, you can do something about it.  I have a bride fitness plan and bride diet that will help you get there.  Continue reading to get the nutrition tips and see how you can get the bride exercise program. If you have to lose some weight and get toned, you can totally do it with “Vow to be Fit”.  This book guides you step by step with ...


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