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  • Brides Diet Meal Plan

    I can imagine how many “diets” you have done in the past!  But this is the most important one.  You are about to get married and you want to look your best on that day. First of all my friend, most “diets” basically just deprive you of calories.  When you are deprived for so long is when you end up falling off the wagon and end up binging.  So this “Bride Diet” is different!

  • The Ultimate Bridal Diet

    If you want to lose weight for your wedding and be in great shape…….working out is not enough!  I know…..you can’t believe I’m saying this.  I don’t mean, don’t workout.  I mean if you only workout and don’teat optimally………your results will be LIMITED! That means you will remain the same, but not lose weight or get more toned.  If you want a detailed, fat burning and toning bride exercise program to follow, you must get “Vow to be Fit”.  It will ...

  • Bridal Fitness & Weight Loss Plan

    Shopping for the wedding gown is fun……..looking your absolute best is IMPERATIVE!  If you don’t feel at your best, don’t worry, you can do something about it.  I have a bride fitness plan and bride diet that will help you get there.  Continue reading to get the nutrition tips and see how you can get the bride exercise program. If you have to lose some weight and get toned, you can totally do it with “Vow to be Fit”.  This book guides you step by step with ...

  • The Best Bride Exercise Routine

    Don't wait until the last minute to start a bride workout routine.  If you are wearing a wedding gown that reveals your arms and shoulders, you must start your bride exercise routine now. I’m going to give you some tips that will help you with your bride exercise routine.  The goal is to lose fat and sculpt the arms, midsection, and thighs.  I'm also giving you a sample workout to get started. Bride Exercise Tips for the arms • Work your arms in ...

  • Fat Loss Bride Exercise Program

    bbI am sure that you are fluttered with things to do, you have to find caterers, florists, DJ’s, entertainment, photographers, reception sites, wedding gowns, etc.  I know how time consuming, frustrating, and stressful it can be.  I also know how important it is to look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day, so I am going to help you by giving you the best bride exercise program available. I have seen and heard of some many women who wait until the home stretch in o...


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