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  • Burn Tons Of Calories With This Full Body Workout

    There is a science to creating workouts for women that are effective and will help you burn calories and tone.   Weight Training or Resistance Training is the best kind of exercise you can do to help you define and tone your body.  This will also help you burn tons more calories.

  • 20-Minute Full Body Workout

    What Burns More Calories, Weight Training or Cardio? Some weeks are busier than others, and on those weeks, sometimes I don't have the time to do all the workouts I want to.  But I always choose WEIGHT TRAINING over CARDIO. And let me recommend that if you have 20 minutes to spare for a workout, that you make it a weight training one.

  • Why You Get Cravings In The Afternoons & How To Prevent Them

    Ok girlfriend, I’m gonna have to lay it on you today! Why? Not because you did anything wrong necessarily, but because I just had a conversation with a girlfriend, and I think that a lot of you girls have the same issues.

  • Lose Weight & Burn Tons Of Calories With These 30-Minute Workouts

    Lose Weight & Burn Tons Of Calories With These 30-Minute Workouts If you are the typical woman, you work, juggle kids, cook, clean, and the list goes on………………………………………. With these types and amounts of responsibilities it’s difficult to find time for yourself. If I don't do it at 5am, I probably wouldn't have the energy or time to do it later on.

  • Can A 20-Minute Workout Be A Good Workout?

    Can A 20-Minute Workout Be A Good Workout?  Don’t have time for LONG WORKOUTS?  But still want to LOSE WEIGHT?   I know how you feel.


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