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  • Pregnancy Nutrition: How To Avoid Getting Sick

    As soon as women get pregnant, they suddenly feel this freedom to EAT, EAT & EAT.  I get it!  We always have to be worried of how we look and suck our bellies in, make sure we don't have muffin tops over our clothes, etc.

  • Pregnancy Workouts For A Fit Pregnancy

    If pregnant women new the benefits of working out, they would workout more while pregnant.  If you want to enjoy your pregnancy, feel good, and have tons of energy, then you have to dedicate a little bit of time to your pregnancy workouts.  I promise it will be so worth it.

  • A Huge Tip For Prego's To Lose Post-Partum Weight Fast

    Hopefully you have been doing great with your pregnancy nutrition and pregnancy exercise.  As it will make a huge difference when it comes time to deliver the baby and also when it comes to losing the "baby weight".   If you need pregnancy workouts, click on the following link, Pregnancy Workouts.  These workouts helped me only gain 20lbs during pregnancy and also lose all my weight postpartum and some.

  • Prego Protein Muffins For Your Pregnancy Nutrition

    Last week we spoke about not eating for 2 in order to have a fit and healthy pregnancy.  I told you I would give you the recipe for the Prego Protein Muffins to help you with your pregnancy nutrition. So here it is, but before I just want to talk about something. I know that finally for the first time ever, you don't have to suck in your belly and look perfect so its the perfect excuse to eat whatever you want and indulge in whatever you desire.  But its not worth it my friend.

  • Pregnancy Diet: Should You Eat For 2?

    How many more calories do you need during pregnancy? Most women are excited about being pregnant and FINALLY being able to EAT........ So most women take advantage of this time and EAT FOR 2!

  • Pregnancy Workouts You Will Love

    Everything about Pregnancy is LOVE!  And today I am going to give you a pregnancy workout you will love. I am so blessed to have LOVED being PREGNANT.

  • What Exercises Should You Avoid For Your Pregnancy Workout

    Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing.  I was so lucky to have completely and entirely love my pregnancy.  I believe a lot has to do with your mind set and embracing the whole thing.  If you do, you will have a great pregnancy and love your changing body.  And the reality is, if you feel good about yourself even though your belly is growing, your hips are widening and your nipples have turned black.........YOU WILL STILL ENJOY & LOVE YOUR PREGNANCY!  That is why it is ...

  • Should Your Pregnancy Workouts Be Intense?

    If you have been working out for at least 8 weeks prior to pregnancy, then HECK YEAH!  Your pregnancy workouts should definitely be intense, but they should also be safe and effective. I worked out my entire pregnancy until the day before I went into labor and I owe my 4 hour labor and 3 pushes to my awesome 5am pregnancy workouts!

  • Healthy Recipe For Your Pregnancy Diet

    During the first trimester of pregnancy most women have food aversions.  So today I am going to give you a great healthy recipe that helped me with my pregnancy diet. For me, it was around weeks 9-12 that I was a little grossed out by all food, especially protein.

  • Pregnancy Diet: What To Eat When All Foods Gross You Out

    Why isn't there a manual that tells us exactly what our Pregnancy Diet should be composed of?  I mean, of course we know we should eat "nutritious" and a "well balanced diet"........DUH! Well, what do we do during those weeks that every type of food looks and smells disgusting?

  • Pregnancy Fitness

    It is such a BLESSING to be PREGNANT, so congratulations! Having an AMAZING PREGNANCY has everything to do with the attitude you choose to have during these next 40 weeks of your life. If you embrace this pregnancy and everything that comes with it, you will have a truly incredible experience.


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