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  • Sleep & Stress Affect Your Results - See How To Adjust Your Workouts

    What if I told you that the amount of exercise you are doing is hurting you? What if I told you to do less and you would get better results? What if I told you to modify your workouts when you don't sleep well or enough?

  • Best Exercises For Lifting The Butt

    Are you self conscious about your THIGHS & BUTT? I used to be, so I wouldn't wear things that were too short or too tight.   But then one day it dawned on me that I will never be PERFECT but I do work hard and I have seen some major changes in body since doing MMF Monthly Workouts on a regular basis and lifting HEAVIER WEIGHTS and working at a HIGHER INTENSITY.

  • Upper Body Workout For The Arm Flab

    I know how self conscious you can be during the summer when it's time to wear the short sleeve and sleeveless tops.  One of the most dreaded parts of a woman's body aside from the belly is THE ARM FLAB.   You know, when women lift their arms up and wave BYE as they shake and jiggle the under arm flab.


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