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  • The 6 Steps That Will Finally Change Your Body

    Have you set a goal of losing weight, getting toned, fit…………..to end up failing? You know what I’m talking about that moment when you say to your friend……… “I started eating right but it only lasted one month and then I fell off the wagon”. There are a million more excuses….you know exactly what they are.

  • Women Fitness Programs: ABS Exercises

    Do Women Fitness Programs include ABS WORK every day? You want a flat belly and a 6-pack, RIGHT?  Sure you do…………..Does that mean that you should work your ABS every day?

  • A New Weight Loss Program

    Most people don’t lose weight and keep it off because they do the same weightloss program all the time.  Learn how you can make sure you continue to lose weight and get toned with these tips, and see how you can get a new weight loss program every month for a very low price. • What happens when you always do the same weight loss program? Your body adapts and doesn’t change (the dreaded plateau).  In order for your body to change, you must add a stimulus (someth...

  • Personalized Online Fitness Training

    Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or build lean muscle.  Now there is an affordable way to do it! With Personalized Online Fitness Training, you can get a new fat loss and muscle toning workout every month. Most people fail to lose weight and keep it off because they do the same boring and ineffective workout routines.  If the workout program does not change every 3-4 weeks, the body will adapt to the exercise plan and...

  • Tone Thighs & Glutes With These Women Fitness Plans

    If you don’t know where I currently train clients, let me tell you………I train at BB3 Personal Training And Performance Center.  This incredible facility belongs to a good friend and tremendous trainer Billy Beck III.  We are located in Weston, Florida.  From ropes hanging from the ceiling, to a peg wall, to an enormous boxing ring, to medicine balls, stability balls, bands, sleds, ladders, tires, oh my gosh can you believe that I have not yet mentioned a weight?  Wel...


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