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  • Fitness Online

    I know how busy life gets!  It’s hard enough to get our day to day things done, and we still need to make time for working out. With fitness online now available you can workout.   I have heard every excuse possible for not having time……..work too much, kids and their activities, homework, building a new home, sick, babies, starting a business, school, etc…….  I know, girlfriend!  I too wish there were more hours in the day, but reality is……there aren’t!  ...

  • Upper Body Workout For The Arm Flab

    I know how self conscious you can be during the summer when it's time to wear the short sleeve and sleeveless tops.  One of the most dreaded parts of a woman's body aside from the belly is THE ARM FLAB.   You know, when women lift their arms up and wave BYE as they shake and jiggle the under arm flab.


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