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  • The Gross Stuff No One Tells You About Labor & How To Prepare For It

    The Gross Stuff No One Tells You About Labor & How To Prepare For It  Most of the time I speak wonders of Pregnancy! The reason is simply because I think Pregnancy is one of the most precious and amazing gifts that God has given women.   I had the pleasure and blessing of having two amazing pregnancies.

  • Epidural or No Epidural For Your Labor?

    After going through TWO labors, I guess this answer boils down to one thing............. Are you trying to PROVE A POINT? I tell you that because after having gone through 2 very different pregnancies and labors I realized that the first time I was totally kidding myself.

  • 6 Pregnancy Exercises To Prepare For Labor

    I'm not exactly sure you can ever really "prepare" for labor. I mean, for example, those classes you take to prepare you for it, the "ice" exercise you do.......  yeah, that is nothing compared to labor.

  • Pregnancy Tips: Things To Do Before Labor & Delivery

    The last few weeks of pregnancy are full of anxiety, excitement, nervousness, deliriousness........ If you are a first time mom, there are so many things people don't tell you.  I was lucky enough to have a few friends tell me a few things, but you obviously learn by experience.


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