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  • Weight Training So That It Doesn't Make You "Big"

    You can start off by doing a weight training program 3 times per week. Start by choosing one exercise per body part and performing each movement for 20 repetitions. Below is a sample exercise program to start you off.

  • How To Triple Your Chances Of Getting Results

    So here is what you are going to do if you are tired of those extra pounds on your body, and if you want to see some serious tone and definition. You are going to make working out a PRIORITY………yes my friend…..A PRIORITY!!!! Check out these tips to help you get your workouts in............

  • Wedding Gowns, Wedding Dresses: How To Lose Weight

    I think one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning is getting the wedding gown or wedding dress.  Well, I guess it’s only exciting if your body is where it has to be and you feel good about yourself.  So, let's talk about wedding weight-loss. You can buy right now a book to help you look great in your wedding gowns. I have been at so many wedding gown stores and seen so many frustrated brides.  They are frustrated because they feel they need to lose weig...

  • Tone Your Arms With This Wedding Fitness Program

    Are you wearing a strapless or sleeveless dress?  If you are then girlfriend, you have to work on those arms!  If you are just doing CARDIO, that won’t cut it!!!  You have to hit the weights.  So continue reading to get these very effective wedding fitness tips.

  • The Ultimate Bridal Diet

    If you want to lose weight for your wedding and be in great shape…….working out is not enough!  I know…..you can’t believe I’m saying this.  I don’t mean, don’t workout.  I mean if you only workout and don’teat optimally………your results will be LIMITED! That means you will remain the same, but not lose weight or get more toned.  If you want a detailed, fat burning and toning bride exercise program to follow, you must get “Vow to be Fit”.  It will ...

  • How To Change Your Workouts For Greater Fat Loss

    How To Change Your Workouts For Greater Fat Loss Most people don’t lose weight and keep it off because they aren't eating properly. Most people will "DIET" for a month or two, maybe even three, but then they binge or over eat for weeks and end up the same or even heavier.  This happens because people CALORIE DEPRIVE or eat the same foods so often that one day they can't take it anymore and totally fall off the wagon.

  • How To Burn More Calories In Your Workouts: EPOC

    I had one of those interesting and frustrating talks with a girlfriend this weekend.  Memorial Day is coming up which means BIKINI for the whole weekend……HOLY MOLY! So of course, people are trying to lose 20lbs in the next 2 weeks with a quick weight loss plan to look fab for the long weekend.  So my dear friend was so excited to tell me that her new weight loss plan consisted of spinning 5 times per week.  How wonderful!  Of course I was proud of her, but...

  • 7 Ways To Change Your Workout For Greater Fat Loss

    Have you seen those people at the gym that workout everyday but  see no changes in their bodies???  Those people are #1:  Not eating “right”, and #2:  They have been doing the same workout routine for years. No wonder they see no changes in their bodies!   Come on…..you know about the DREADED PLATEAU, right?

  • Workout Routines For Women

    I just got a phone call from one of my BRIDES…..She purchased my “Vow to be Fit” book and she has been following it enthusiastically and has seen incredible results!  But she said to me in a very anxious voice……  “Michelle, these programs have been great, and they change every 4 weeks, and I have lost a ton of fat, but I’m almost done……..then what am I going to do”?   Luckily, I finally have an answer!

  • Lean Legs Workout Routine For Women

    The million dollar question.... How do I lean out the legs? I know, girlfriend, if you don’t feel completely comfortable showing your thighs…..you are not wearing shorts.  The good news is you can do something about it!


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