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  • Total Body Wedding Workout

    Nothing is better than a total body wedding workout for the Bride-To-Be.  This is the one day in your life that you get to be the queen, and you must look spectacular.  I remember when I was engaged, I did everything I could to be in the best shape of my life for the wedding day.

  • How The Number of Reps, Sets, Rest & TUT Can Affect Your Results

    What Most Trainers Don't Even Know....... Most women fail to see results because of lack of intensity in their workouts.  So I'm going to  show you how to tweak your workouts in order to maximize fat loss and muscle gain so you can get leaner! By the way, before I give you all these WORKOUT TIPS, I just want to give you some NUTRITION/DIET tips that will help you with your weight loss and fitness goals because no matter how much you exercise, if you are not eating the "right way",...

  • How To Get 6-Pack ABS & A Workout

    How To Get 6-Pack ABS & A Workout  You want a FLAT BELLY& 6-Pack ABS? Tired of trying diet and after diet and workout after workout and still....... no changes........

  • Exercises To Lift The Butt

    Most women spend countless hours at the gym going from “machine” to “machine”, yet they never seem to get leaner, thinner, more defined legs and butt. Is this you? This is what most women are doing WRONG: They don’t have an effective fat loss and muscle toning workout program.


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