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  • Fat Loss Fitness Plan

    Are you working at the right intensity?  If you are not……your results are going to be limited!  Don’t waste your time and start an online fitness plan for less than $10 per month.  Be as effective and efficient as possible at losing weight, do it with a professional.   I see this all the time at the gym……someone is doing a set of  10 repetitions for bicep curls, so they have 5 lb weights in each hand and they are curling away until they just...

  • Tips On Building Online Fitness Programs

    Weight Training is CRUCIAL to ONLINE FITNESS PROGRAMS Do you have trouble putting a weight-training program together?  I remember a couple of instances that I saw some people doing their workouts.  I know, I’m such a dork, I actually pay attention to what other people are doing at the gym.  But can you blame me, it’s what I do for a living, or at least that is the excuse I use to feel better about it. Anyways, this lady was doing “triceps”, she actually went to the gym t...


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