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  • Core Exercises During Pregnancy?

    How many times have you gone to visit a friend who had her baby months and months ago and she still looks like she is 5-6 months pregnant? Ugh, the POSTPARTUM POOCH...... It actually happens quite often.

  • Pregnancy Tips: Things To Do Before Labor & Delivery

    The last few weeks of pregnancy are full of anxiety, excitement, nervousness, deliriousness........ If you are a first time mom, there are so many things people don't tell you.  I was lucky enough to have a few friends tell me a few things, but you obviously learn by experience.

  • No Stretch Marks Pregnancy Workouts

    Every woman worries about STRETCH MARKS when they get pregnant.  I mean, its hard not to.  Because you can't imagine your body right now stretching as far as you know its going to.  And you can only hope and pray you don't get stretch marks.....

  • Pregnancy Arms & Core Workout

    I have to say that I totally understand how hard it is to get active and moving and get your workout in when you are pregnant.  I've been there!  But the feeling you get after the workout and the benefits you get from it far outweigh the effort, so my prego sista, you have to just "man up", actually "superwoman up" and just commit to it.

  • Prenatal Exercises For The Thighs

    Prenatal Exercises For The Thighs  Prenatal Exercise should be a part of every pregnant womans life.  There are so many benefits to exercise during pregnancy that you would be crazy not to take advantage of it. Check out all the benefits here:  Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy. You don't have to spend countless hours exercising, if you would just invest about 3 hours per week, you would get amazing results and benefits.

  • 2 Favorite Pregnancy Core Exercises

    Benefits of Core Training During Pregnancy  Pregnancy is a beautiful thing if you are healthy and feel good.  But for most women, they don't exercise nor eat healthy.  So most women end up hating being pregnant.

  • Pregnancy Exercises: Work The Butt, Stretch The Butt

    Pregnancy Workout Tips  With pregnancy obviously comes weight gain.  But it doesn't have to be too much.  If you exercise and eat right, you will only gain the necessary amount and you will feel great.

  • Recommended Pregnancy Exercises

    Recommended Pregnancy Workouts  If more pregnant women took on exercising during their pregnancy, there would be a lot more good things said about pregnancy. I am so tired of hearing women complaining about pregnancy and how horrible it is and how huge they got and how uncomfortable they were.  Pregnancy is actually a beautiful gift that God has blessed us with.

  • Pregnancy And Exercise

    Pregnancy and Exercise, something that every pregnant woman thinks about as soon as they find out they are expecting.  It's funny because sometimes, women would never start exercising if it weren't for pregnancy.  But it's ok, I won't judge you it that is you.


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