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  • The Best Diaper Bag Tips For A Pregnant Woman

    There are so many things people don't tell you when you are pregnant. So many things that would help you so much if you knew.  But don't worry, I'm going to hook you up my pregnant friend.

  • Lower Body Pregnancy Workout

    Lower Body Pregnancy Workout  Ugh.................. Isn't the BELLY growing enough? Why do the Hips, Butt & Thighs grow too during pregnancy?

  • Exercises You Can Do While Pregnant

    Exercising while pregnant has many benefits.  Not only do you prevent EXCESS WEIGHT GAIN, but you also SPEED DELIVERY and get into PRE-PREGANCY SHAPE much faster.  There are so many great workouts for pregnancy, and I think there is a huge misconception on what you can and cannot do for exercises during pregnancy.


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