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  • Wedding Exercise Routine-Cardio Workout

    Cardio is going to play a big part in your wedding exercise routine.  Though cardio is important  in weight loss, weight-training is important part of your wedding fitness plan because it is the only way to get defined and toned. I understand why it’s hard for people to do cardio sometimes…..I mean…….1 hour on a treadmill cannot be very fun!  So here are some tips to help make your wedding exercise routine more effective and not so daunting.

  • Wedding Exercise Routine To Get You Toned & Defined

    Hopefully you have already picked out your wedding gown.  If you haven’t, I’m sure you have a good idea of what you want it to look like, and how YOU want to look in it.  Before I go any further let me begin by telling you that aside from eating “right”, the ONLY thing that is going to get your body TIGHT & TONED is weight-training exercise.  So check out these Wedding Exercise Tips If you have never weight-trained before, don’t be scared, it is super easy, as l...


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