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  • Wedding Diet Snack Recipes

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  • Wedding Workouts For Brides

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  • Wedding Gowns, Wedding Dresses: How To Lose Weight

    I think one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning is getting the wedding gown or wedding dress.  Well, I guess it’s only exciting if your body is where it has to be and you feel good about yourself.  So, let's talk about wedding weight-loss. You can buy right now a book to help you look great in your wedding gowns. I have been at so many wedding gown stores and seen so many frustrated brides.  They are frustrated because they feel they need to lose weig...

  • Wedding Weight Loss Foods

    Every BRIDE wants to lose weight for their wedding!  But it is a stressful time, and when stress is high………..so are the calories!  This is when you make the wrong choices for food.  So I’m going to give you examples of the Wedding Weight Loss foods that will help you stay on track.

  • Wedding Weight Loss Cardio Tips

    Wedding Weight Loss Cardio Routine As a Bride-to-be, I know that you are short on time.  I know that you are working full time and trying to plan and still want to get in shape for wedding.  So check out these wedding weight loss tips. The good news is that you don’t need a lot of time, all you need is an EFFECTIVE WEDDING WEIGHT LOSS EXERCISE PROGRAM.  Most exercise programs fail because they are not effective, especially because they don’t change! Have you been there?

  • Wedding Exercise Program

    In order to achieve wedding weight loss you need a very specific exercise plan.  The plan must include weight training and cardio.  Even though this article is about the wedding workout, you also need a good wedding diet. Weight training will build lean and toned muscle.  Muscle is the actual site on the body where fat is burned.  So if you have more lean and sexy muscle, then you will be able to burn more fat more efficiently! Click on the follo...

  • Fast Wedding Weight Loss

    Want to lose weight for your wedding………..FAST? 4 FAST Wedding Weight-Loss Tips • Cut back on your serving sizes by 25%.  To find out what should be included in your Wedding Diet click onWedding Diet. • Alternate 2 days of no carbohydrates except for breakfast with 1 day of regular carbohydrate intake with protein.  For a sample menu of a non-carbohydrate day go click on SAMPLE MENU for wedding weight-loss.

  • Wedding Fitness & Nutrition Plan

    Wedding Fitness & Nutrition plan  7 Wedding Weight-Loss Tips Its’ the New Year! Especially if you’re Wedding is coming up! Would you like to lose 5 lbs in just a few weeks?

  • Wedding Weight Loss Tips For Slimming Down

    If your wedding is coming up in the next year………It is time to get moving with a Wedding Weight-Loss fitness and diet plan to help you lose weight and get toned for your wedding Slimming down is easy.  It’s just that people normally don’t have the RIGHT FORMULA! Here are 5 Wedding Weight-Loss Tips to help you Slim Down.  If you do these you will start losing weight IMMEDIATELY. Wedding Weight Loss Tips Wedding Weight Loss Tip #1: Cut back on your PORTIONS:  even if you ar...

  • Lose Weight For Your Wedding With These Tips

    There are so many WEDDING DIETS out there……what do you do????? I know you want to look your VERY BEST for your WEDDING, but it’s not worth it to do a CRASH DIET, and then gain all the weight back plus more!!! So what do you do?

  • Wedding Fitness Tips

    Apply these wedding fitness tips and you will be on your way to wedding weight loss. Most brides leave wedding fitness until the end, don’t do that!  Start your wedding fitness plan now and you will be in tip top shape for your wedding day. 6 Wedding Fitness Tips • Perform 3 weight training workouts per week.

  • Wedding Weight Loss Do's & Don'ts

    If you are getting married, you want to be in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE for the big day.  These wedding weight loss tips will help you get there.  It really isn’t hard to do!  There are just way too many misconceptions.  I am going to give you some wedding weight loss tips so that you can get in the best shape of your life and maintain it.  The number one mistake women make is wait until the very end to lose a ton of weight and they end up either mi...

  • Lose Weight For The Wedding With These Tips

    THE PLAN TO LOSE WEIGHT FOR WEDDING Do you want to lose weight for your wedding? Then you need the most effective wedding exercise program available! Do you want to be in the best shape of your life for your wedding?

  • Free Wedding Diet, Wedding Tips & Wedding Workout Plans

    This Will Be Your 1-STOP Website For Tips, Diets, & Workouts For Wedding Fat Loss Continue reading to see how you can receive free wedding fitness tips, bride diets, and workouts every week. If you want to start your wedding fat loss and you want to get fit for your wedding you have to purchase “Vow to be Fit”. In this book, you will get a detailed wedding fitness program and wedding diet that you can do from 1 to 6 months before your wedding.

  • Wedding Workout & Wedding Diet


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