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  • 3-Month Wedding Prep Fitness Plan For Brides

    3 months is plenty time to do a wedding fitness plan so that you are in the best shape of your life for your wedding.  Every bride wants to look perfect in her wedding dress, so I commend you for actually taking the steps to be proactive and start doing something to achieve it. This Wedding Fitness Plan that I am going to give you right now is going to help you SPEED FAT LOSS and TONE & DEFINE your body so that you look fit in your wedding dress and so that the pictures are perfect.

  • Wedding Diet Plan-Healthy Recipes

    Planning a wedding is a very stressful time.  Stressful times always lead to over eating, thats why Im going to give you the perfect Wedding Diet Plan.  If you pre-make food, you will always have it available.  This helps to not make bad choices.  Bad choices are usually made when you don’t have any food available and you are starving so you grab the first and easiest thing in front of you.  If you have healthy meals and snacks prepared and in your fridge, it’s easi...

  • Wedding Exercise Program

    In order to achieve wedding weight loss you need a very specific exercise plan.  The plan must include weight training and cardio.  Even though this article is about the wedding workout, you also need a good wedding diet. Weight training will build lean and toned muscle.  Muscle is the actual site on the body where fat is burned.  So if you have more lean and sexy muscle, then you will be able to burn more fat more efficiently! Click on the follo...

  • Lose Weight For Your Wedding With These Tips

    There are so many WEDDING DIETS out there……what do you do????? I know you want to look your VERY BEST for your WEDDING, but it’s not worth it to do a CRASH DIET, and then gain all the weight back plus more!!! So what do you do?

  • Wedding Weight Loss Do's & Don'ts

    If you are getting married, you want to be in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE for the big day.  These wedding weight loss tips will help you get there.  It really isn’t hard to do!  There are just way too many misconceptions.  I am going to give you some wedding weight loss tips so that you can get in the best shape of your life and maintain it.  The number one mistake women make is wait until the very end to lose a ton of weight and they end up either mi...

  • Wedding Workout Plan

    I’m sure you have already thought about exactly how you want your wedding dress to look.  If so, then you have also pictured in your mind how you want your body to look.  Right?  Then you need this wedding workout plan so you can get fit! Most wedding dresses reveal mostly the upper body, so if  you want to look tight, and toned in your wedding dress then your wedding workout plan HAS TO INCLUDE resistance training or weight-training!


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