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  • Leaning & Toning Upper Body Workout

    The only way to get lean and toned is by doing weight training or resistance workouts. Don't worry, be at ease that this kind of workout will NOT make you big.  It will get you lean and toned and sexy definition.

  • Are "Body Weight" Workouts Effective?

    Are "Body Weight" Workouts Effective?  Being a mom is no joke.  Add on top of that a full time job, a hubby and a home and you've got a recipe for no time for workouts and healthy eating. Which ends up equalling cranky mom!

  • 20-Minute Full Body Workout

    What Burns More Calories, Weight Training or Cardio? Some weeks are busier than others, and on those weeks, sometimes I don't have the time to do all the workouts I want to.  But I always choose WEIGHT TRAINING over CARDIO. And let me recommend that if you have 20 minutes to spare for a workout, that you make it a weight training one.

  • Weight Training So That It Doesn't Make You "Big"

    You can start off by doing a weight training program 3 times per week. Start by choosing one exercise per body part and performing each movement for 20 repetitions. Below is a sample exercise program to start you off.

  • Lose Weight For The Holidays

    This is the last part of the Pre-Holiday Workout.  Now you are to do each workout once per week for a total of 3 Weight Training Workouts.  Like I mentioned last week, these workouts are easy, fast, and very effective at burning fat.  In order to speed fat loss and get more defined, add 3 days of interval cardio training sessions. This year you will not be like the rest of the world…………gaining weight and waiting until the New Year to start losing weight!!!!  If you have done ...

  • Burn More Fat With These Types Of Workouts

    Burn More Fat With These Types Of Workouts   Are you frustrated that you have been exercising and trying to eat healthier but the scale isn't budging? Have you been doing tons of cardio and group classes, spinning, running......  but your results really aren't great?

  • The Ultimate Bridal Diet

    If you want to lose weight for your wedding and be in great shape…….working out is not enough!  I know…..you can’t believe I’m saying this.  I don’t mean, don’t workout.  I mean if you only workout and don’teat optimally………your results will be LIMITED! That means you will remain the same, but not lose weight or get more toned.  If you want a detailed, fat burning and toning bride exercise program to follow, you must get “Vow to be Fit”.  It will ...

  • How To Burn More Calories In Your Workouts: EPOC

    I had one of those interesting and frustrating talks with a girlfriend this weekend.  Memorial Day is coming up which means BIKINI for the whole weekend……HOLY MOLY! So of course, people are trying to lose 20lbs in the next 2 weeks with a quick weight loss plan to look fab for the long weekend.  So my dear friend was so excited to tell me that her new weight loss plan consisted of spinning 5 times per week.  How wonderful!  Of course I was proud of her, but...

  • Can A 20-Minute Workout Be A Good Workout?

    Can A 20-Minute Workout Be A Good Workout?  Don’t have time for LONG WORKOUTS?  But still want to LOSE WEIGHT?   I know how you feel.

  • Upper Body Workout For The Arm Flab

    I know how self conscious you can be during the summer when it's time to wear the short sleeve and sleeveless tops.  One of the most dreaded parts of a woman's body aside from the belly is THE ARM FLAB.   You know, when women lift their arms up and wave BYE as they shake and jiggle the under arm flab.


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