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  • Sleep & Stress Affect Your Results - See How To Adjust Your Workouts

    What if I told you that the amount of exercise you are doing is hurting you? What if I told you to do less and you would get better results? What if I told you to modify your workouts when you don't sleep well or enough?

  • 14 Day Workout & Scripture Challenge

    WORKOUT FOR WOMEN & SCRIPTURE CHALLENGE  My hope is that in 14 days you will get LEANER and also SPIRITUALLY STRONGER. I want to help increase the chances of you getting results.  That means, you need to make some changes in your NUTRITION.

  • Leaning & Toning Upper Body Workout

    The only way to get lean and toned is by doing weight training or resistance workouts. Don't worry, be at ease that this kind of workout will NOT make you big.  It will get you lean and toned and sexy definition.

  • The Best Thighs, Hips & Butt Exercises & Workouts

  • The Best Upper Body Exercises & Workouts

  • The Best ABS & Core Exercises & Workouts

  • Thighs & Butt Toning Workout

  • Burn Tons Of Calories With This Full Body Workout

    There is a science to creating workouts for women that are effective and will help you burn calories and tone.   Weight Training or Resistance Training is the best kind of exercise you can do to help you define and tone your body.  This will also help you burn tons more calories.

  • Shoulders & Arms Workout & An Awesome Recipe

    Ahhhhhhh I have to confess! Today I went to pick up Nicholas at my moms house and she greeted me with a big smile and said, "I made you an arepa, its in the oven waiting for you to get here". Ok, so I LOVE arepa's, especially my moms arepa's, and I NEVER have them.

  • Lose Weight For The Holidays

    This is the last part of the Pre-Holiday Workout.  Now you are to do each workout once per week for a total of 3 Weight Training Workouts.  Like I mentioned last week, these workouts are easy, fast, and very effective at burning fat.  In order to speed fat loss and get more defined, add 3 days of interval cardio training sessions. This year you will not be like the rest of the world…………gaining weight and waiting until the New Year to start losing weight!!!!  If you have done ...

  • Exercises For Legs & Glutes

    Everybody wants to have nice legs, but how do you get them?  Does it take long, extraneous workouts to get lean and toned thighs?  Is it necessary to get on every single leg machine at the gym?  The answer to the last two questions is NO!  And now with my MMF Monthly Workouts available, you can get toned legs and glutes from the convenience of your own home. It is funny because most men do not like to work their lower body, and women want to work their lower body ev...

  • Tips On Building Online Fitness Programs

    Weight Training is CRUCIAL to ONLINE FITNESS PROGRAMS Do you have trouble putting a weight-training program together?  I remember a couple of instances that I saw some people doing their workouts.  I know, I’m such a dork, I actually pay attention to what other people are doing at the gym.  But can you blame me, it’s what I do for a living, or at least that is the excuse I use to feel better about it. Anyways, this lady was doing “triceps”, she actually went to the gym t...


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