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  • Get Lean & Toned With This Workout

     So many women are afraid of lifting weights and its such a shame. Its a shame because weight training is the best type of exercise for getting a tight, toned an defined body. I myself actually lift super duper heavy weight and I don't feel that I look "masculine" or "big" at all.

  • The Best Thighs, Hips & Butt Exercises & Workouts

  • The Best Upper Body Exercises & Workouts

  • The Best ABS & Core Exercises & Workouts

  • Thigh & Butt Workout For Women

    If you want more workouts like this......  I can now be YOUR personal trainer and send you My Monthly Fat Burning Workouts.  Check it out here:  30-Minute Workout Express

  • 5 Tips For Toning The Thighs

     5 Tips For Toning The Thighs Everybody wants to have nice legs, but how do you get them?  Does it take long, extraneous workouts to get lean and toned thighs?  Is it necessary to get on every single leg machine at the gym?  The answer to the last two questions is NO!  And here are 5 TIPS to help you make the best out of your THIGH WORKOUTS so that you can start to really lean out those legs.  It is funny because most men do not like to work their lower body, and wo...

  • 20-Minute Full Body Workout

    What Burns More Calories, Weight Training or Cardio? Some weeks are busier than others, and on those weeks, sometimes I don't have the time to do all the workouts I want to.  But I always choose WEIGHT TRAINING over CARDIO. And let me recommend that if you have 20 minutes to spare for a workout, that you make it a weight training one.

  • The 6 Steps That Will Finally Change Your Body

    Have you set a goal of losing weight, getting toned, fit…………..to end up failing? You know what I’m talking about that moment when you say to your friend……… “I started eating right but it only lasted one month and then I fell off the wagon”. There are a million more excuses….you know exactly what they are.

  • Weight Loss Workouts: Lose Weight In 30 Minutes

    Summer is almost over and the kids and everyone will be back to routine. That means its time to step it up with your Fitness Goals. You probably set some goals during the holidays, have you achieved them?  Are you anywhere near reaching them?

  • Lose Weight & Burn Tons Of Calories With These 30-Minute Workouts

    Lose Weight & Burn Tons Of Calories With These 30-Minute Workouts If you are the typical woman, you work, juggle kids, cook, clean, and the list goes on………………………………………. With these types and amounts of responsibilities it’s difficult to find time for yourself. If I don't do it at 5am, I probably wouldn't have the energy or time to do it later on.

  • Lose Weight & Workout From Home

  • Can A 20-Minute Workout Be A Good Workout?

    Can A 20-Minute Workout Be A Good Workout?  Don’t have time for LONG WORKOUTS?  But still want to LOSE WEIGHT?   I know how you feel.

  • Upper Body Workout For The Arm Flab

    I know how self conscious you can be during the summer when it's time to wear the short sleeve and sleeveless tops.  One of the most dreaded parts of a woman's body aside from the belly is THE ARM FLAB.   You know, when women lift their arms up and wave BYE as they shake and jiggle the under arm flab.

  • Top 5 Butt & Thigh Exercises that “Raise your Rear”

    Most women spend countless hours at the gym going from “machine” to “machine”, yet they never seem to get leaner, thinner, more defined legs and glutes. Is this you????? This is what most women are doing WRONG: They don’t have an effective fat loss and muscle toning workout program.


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